Another Two Done

I was intending to only cook up one recipe today since I had a couple Zooms to take up parts of the day but even though I got up later than I intended I got Chicken Tikka Masala into the slow cooker early enough that there was more of the morning left for making another recipe.  This is another one that makes eight servings so, bonus!

Then I cooked up Curried Chickpeas.  Mm, it made the house smell so good that I had the same thing for supper, only from the last Investment Cooking bout.  That leaves just one recipe to be whipped up tomorrow which will end this spate of cooking for a while.

A flock of Mourning Doves visited this afternoon.  They toddled around in the grass pecking at fallen seed, ready to fly away at the merest hint of trouble.  They're so flighty they make me laugh.

The purple mums are still blooming.  We had a couple nights of frost and then the last few nights have bottomed out above freezing.  It's supposed to get up to 60 degrees on Sunday and Monday.  I can't wait.  I'm planning one last mow.

I finished the Man Hat at Friday Night Knitting tonight.  I was sure I'd run out of yarn but I had enough left that I could have added another round or two to the body of the hat but why risk it.  I can use the leftovers for a cast sock.  Maybe.

Then I cast on and started knitting another bib.  I found out that my neighbors are having a girl so I dug out some pink variegated yarn and got started.

With all of the cooking, portioning, and labeling today I only managed a little drawing.  I redrew my hand and still did worse than the first time.  I'm getting frustrated.  Maybe I'll go back to Lesson 1 and start again.

Today's toss was a reusable shopping bag that tucks into a tiny stuff sack to be carried in a purse but since I've downsized my purses I don't have room for it.

The prompt I wrote today was "call your spirit back."  I wrote about recovering my spirit from the fear and depression of the last nearly two years.  How spending time with small people helps to renew my spirit, the support of my friends too.  Those Friday Zooms really keep me going.