Always Missing Socks? The Home Edit’s "Lost Soles" Bin Is a Fun Way to Keep Them Organized

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A post shared by THE HOME EDIT ® (@thehomeedit) on Jan 20, 2020 at 6:25pm PST

It's a phenomenon not many can explain, but so many socks just get mysteriously lost once they go through the laundry. Maybe it's a law of the universe that all socks must go on their own journeys, therefore making it nearly impossible for people to pair them up after pulling a load of clothes from the dryer. Whatever the cause may be, I've gone through so many matching pairs that are now lonely solos. And while there isn't a way to get them back once they're gone, the organization wizards from The Home Edit have come up with a supercute and functional way to keep those "Lost Soles" that hope to eventually reunite with their partners.

Here's how it works: when socks are lost in the laundry and only one emerges, The Home Edit suggests taking the "lost sole" and placing it in a conveniently accessible container. As you continue to do other loads of laundry, retrace steps, or just coincidentally find things stuffed under couches, you'll know exactly where to go when the missing socks turn up. Rather than stuff the lone sock into an already-overfilled drawer, this method keeps them separate and easy to find.

The hack is super simple and can also be applied to most any need for storage and organization. Take a look at your laundry space and consider how best to reimagine the area with containers. The Home Edit has whole collections of containers to view and organize necessities with, like cleaning supplies, soaps, and other things we might otherwise shove in a cabinet. Clear containers are your best bet with this DIY organization project, because it's fairly easy to forget something when it's hidden away, no matter how cute the print may be. A transparent choice will help as a constant reminder of which pairs are still missing. You can customize your containers through The Home Edit's shop, or pull out markers or a label maker of your own. The "Lost Soles" bin is a cute concept for an otherwise-annoying occurrence.
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