Accio, Twins! This Couple’s Harry Potter Gender Reveal Party Was Siriusly Magical

When Holly Osbourn was tasked with hosting a twin gender reveal party for her boyfriend's sister, Courtney, and her husband, Andy, she Siriusly went all out. And if that corny pun wasn't an obvious enough indication, she chose a magical Harry Potter theme, planning every single clever detail to Hermione Granger levels of perfection.

"I could have combined both babies into one reveal, but I had so many ideas that I separated them into two."

A Colorado native and the blogger behind the Duchess of Denver, Holly bonded early on with Courtney and Andy over a mutual love for all-things Harry Potter-related. So, of course, she knew the beloved book series had to be the inspiration behind their big day, which took place back in January. "They have been trying to start a family for years and the fact that they are having twins made everything extra special," Holly told POPSUGAR via email. "I could have combined both babies into one reveal, but I had so many ideas that I separated them into two," she said, adding that she nicknamed the celebration a "Double Muggle" gender reveal.

The first reveal involved a Sorting Hat, which - after the crowd recited the spell "Genderous Revealiosa" aloud - Courtney and Andy lifted up to release a baby onesie with either "Witch" or "Wizard" on it. The second reveal featured a cauldron that bubbled with either pink or blue smoke once a stick ignited, courtesy of the crowd's joint "Incendio" spell. The shindig was a BYOB (Bring Your Own Butterbeer) affair and had snacks like Butterbeer Popcorn (fortunately nonalcoholic, for the expectant mama's sake) and Ollivanders Chocolate Wands (aka pretzel sticks covered in chocolate and sprinkles).

In lieu of gifts, guests were encouraged to participate in a Triwizard Diaper Raffle Tournament by bringing in diaper packages in exchange for a raffle basket ticket. Oh, and there was also a "Free Dobby" sock donation basket, where attendees could leave gender-neutral baby socks in hopes of making Dobby a free elf at last - and keeping the babies' toes warm, of course. See? I told you Holly planned the party to perfection!

Watch the video ahead to find out whether Courtney and Andy are expecting witches or wizards (or both!) this Summer, and keep reading to admire every single detail from the party that'd make Harry and the gang proud.