A world away

Big daughter is running a yoga retreat this weekend.  I can’t tell you how proud I am of her as it’s no mean feat to set one of these up, and she has booked a beautiful house overlooking Coniston Water in the Lake District and we are blessed with the loveliest Spring weather which, along with the purpose-built studio which has become a yoga studio for the weekend, has been just the right place to welcome guests.

It’s the perfect location to let go of the stress of the week and even of recent years, and as the weekend goes on, I am seeing the sharp edges drop from people’s faces and they are becoming softer and more relaxed.  It’s a small group and everyone has made new friends; meal times are jolly, communal affairs and I couldn’t have wished for anything better for my girl.

Her boyfriend and I are here to help things run smoothly because as organised as anyone is, they can’t do everything on a retreat themselves, and we are making sure that everyone has everything they need and that the food is wholesome and plentiful.  There’s nothing worse than being hungry on an organised weekend where you can’t nip into your own kitchen and as well as the huge pans of chilli, curry and bolognese that we’re offering at meal times, we’ve got plenty of fruit, veg sticks and even vegan chocolate chip biscuits to go with a cup of tea in between.

Big daughter has planned her schedule so that there is plenty of free time between yoga sessions and even as I’m writing to you, the whole group has gone down to Coniston Lake to dip their toes into the icy early morning water (it’s before 8am!) – and no, as you can see, I didn’t go with them as someone has to put the kettle on for when they get back!  Instead, I am enjoying the view and have been taking the opportunity to work a few rounds of my Elements DK sock, listen to the birds and the sound of the breeze in the trees and breathe in fresh air.  Last night, we sat out and watched the stars – oh, so many of them! – and tracked satellites crossing the heavens.  One person even saw a shooting star and definitely made a wish but I missed that – maybe tonight as we’re here for another day.

Even though I’m working behind the scenes here (and often my favourite role to have), I’m feeling much more relaxed myself just from being here. Big daughter’s boyfriend and I are having a great time with our Retreat Manager role and it’s such a different kind of weekend that it’s impossible not to appreciate being out of the ordinary here.  It’s been a new adventure for all of us and it’s been the very best kind.

There’s talk of another retreat in the future – and I’d certainly be up for that!


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