96 Times Tattoo Artists Showed Excellent Skill Executing Some Questionable Ideas

Most tattoo artists know a bad design when they see one. That is why they might offer some slight changes or suggest getting rid of the thing overall. However, some people are determined to get what they want. This leaves the tattooist with one option—trying to make it the best possible terrible tattoo using their skills. Luckily, some of these attempts turn out pretty great and end up on the internet, where they are met with repulsion and praise at once. That is due to the cringy idea, yet exemplary execution of the tattoo.

The Awful Taste But Great Execution community on Reddit is overflowing with examples of ATBGE type of masterpieces. From crossovers of children’s favorite characters to unexpected portraits, and more—people’s fantasy has no limits. Look through these fantastic tattoos and appreciate the intricate work of the artist even with the weirdest of requests.

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#1 Teach A Man To Fish... Then Tattoo His Leg

Image credits: FreshlyCutGrass976

Coming up with the right tattoo for yourself might become quite a quest. It takes time to think of the idea, whether it’s something meaningful or just a nice image. That is when tattoo artists come to the rescue. Years of experience working in the field and an eye for detail might help sort out your design.

Tattooists noticed a rise in demand over the last decade. Research shows that back in 2012, 21% of Americans had at least one tattoo, while in 2019 the number reached 30%. People with at least one tattoo account for 40% of those aged 18-34 and 36% of 35-54 year-olds. The data also stated that a tattooed person most commonly has two of them, yet the average number of tattoos that Americans with ink have is four.

#2 This Wine Tattoo

Image credits: hhl1118

#3 This Is Objectively The Best Tattoo

Image credits: sushidestroyer

While some choose this way to show tribute to their loved ones, others simply find tattoos pretty. Research by Statista discovered that the most common reason for people aged 18-59 to get a tattoo is to express their style and character. 

Other popular bases include indicating personal opinions, commemorating a place, an event, or a new chapter in life. One of the least popular reasons on the list is energizing oneself or getting a tattoo as a mantra. To each their own, and these Reddit pictures are here to prove it.

#4 Sunflower Seeds Tattoo

Image credits: copaOW

#5 Been Saving This Blobfish Tattoo For Today, So Ugly It’s Beautiful

Image credits: Easy-Hovercraft-6576

The aforementioned research also found that 53% of people over 60 think that tattoos are not an option for them. Only 21% of 30-59-year-olds and 9% of 18-29 share such views. Be that as it may, some people only realize they don’t want one anymore after it becomes too late.

Unlike wine, certain tattoos might not get better with time. This is mostly proved to be right by those with a lover’s name inscribed on their skin. Luckily, with the help of technology, nowadays, this art form is not as permanent as it used to be; there are ways to remove it using lasers or cover it with the help of skilled artists.

#6 Client: "I Want A Tattoo That Makes Me Feel Drunk When I Look At It"

Image credits: thebayallday

#7 This Snake Skin Tattoo On Some Dude’s Leg

Image credits: biblio-lavendula

#8 Pretty Sure These Bruise Tattoos Belong Here

Image credits: MikkiD4311

Some of the pictures on the list prove that tattoo artists can turn even an abomination into something decent-looking. From terrible designs to concepts one would have doubts about tattooing, the artists did their best to try and save the execution part, at least. That’s why you should always choose the tattooist wisely; their skill can make or break the end result.

According to IBISWorld, there are nearly 33,500 tattoo businesses in the US, so there is definitely plenty to choose from. Data presented by Zippia shows that there are currently more male artists, despite the nearly 10% rise in the number of female tattoo artists in 2010-2019. However, when it comes to salary, this form of artistry provides some surprising statistics—women in the industry earn more than their male colleagues.

#9 Beautifully Done... Cockroach.. Head Tattoo

Image credits: -Primum_Non_Nocere-

#10 Such A Good Tattoo Of A Cat Butthole

Image credits: VaginalRelativity

#11 This Lady Wanted Her Husband's Bite Mark As A Tattoo

Image credits: thegreatinsulto

Some more interesting stats depict how tattoos might affect one’s likelihood of employment. According to YouGovAmerica, the majority of employers (54%) say that it doesn’t affect their perception of the candidate’s suitability. In addition to that, 6% stated that they would be more likely to hire a candidate with tattoos. 

However, face tattoos are not perceived as favorably by most employers. 61% of them state that they’re considerably less likely, while 17% admit to being slightly less likely to hire a person with a design in such a place.

#12 Black Eye Tattoo

Image credits: OkayyDilla

#13 This Ace Ventura Tattoo

Image credits: KungFooKangaroo

#14 Sailor Devito By @jasminedilworth And @matt.does.tattoos

Image credits: shitlord_traplord

In addition to being very noticeable, face tattoos are also among the most painful ones to get. The level of pain caused by the process differs depending on gender, pain threshold, and age. Nevertheless, certain spots, such as the neck, ribs, and stomach are typically more sensitive to the unpleasant sensation induced by needles.

#15 A Skeleton Arm Tattoo With The Wrong Anatomy

Image credits: Kaneki_Yeager

#16 This Peppa Pig Tattoo

Image credits: ponybeine

#17 A Fellow Redditor’s Tattoo Of His Two Favourite Drummers, Ringo & Animal

Image credits: Skinsarelli

Data from 2018 shows that Italy is the country with the leading number (48%) of tattooed people. It is followed by Sweden (47%), the US (46%), and Australia and Argentina sharing fifth place with 43% of tattoo-bearing respondents.

#18 Platypus Tattoo

Image credits: CornPoofs

#19 This Rat Tattoo

Image credits: AgentXenon

#20 Nick Cage Leg Tattoo

Image credits: TheLostPariah

Out of the countries where people feel this way the most, India is the number one. According to 2016 data, a staggering amount of people (nearly 23,000) decided to undergo a removal procedure. Japan takes a close second (roughly 20,000), then the US (slightly over 14,000), Italy (around 11,000), and Taiwan (nearing 6,000). According to Statista, 12% of people with tattoos regret getting them. 

#21 This Crossover Tattoo

Image credits: justcallmefafara

#22 Contributing To Tattoo Tuesday

Image credits: RossNub

#23 This Tattoo

Image credits: xenialMatrix

With a growing number of tattoos, the demand for eliminating at least some of them is projected to grow as well. A tattoo removal market overview predicts that by 2027 this market will reach nearly 800 million USD.

#24 This Hardcore Star Wars Tattoo

Image credits: AttackoftheMuffins

#25 This Sub Is The First Thing I Thought Of When I Saw This Tattoo

Image credits: samansadayo

#26 This Tattoo Of Chiellini Fouling Saka During The Euro 2020 Finals

Image credits: Ridavv

One of the main reasons for tattoo removal is the spontaneity of the decision. A survey by Advanced Dermatology found that out of those regretting their decision, 28% only gave the thought a couple of hours. 24% of the people let it soak for at least a few days and 21%—for a few weeks. The smallest number of people regretting their actions (6%) contemplated the idea for around a year or more.

#27 Yea Let’s Just Get A Spider Tattoo

Image credits: fluffybigmac

#28 These Family Guy Tattoos

Image credits: Gaza1121

#29 Pretty Sure This Goes Here

Image credits: reddit.com

Whether it’s a masterpiece or something you would tell your old self not to do, it requires proper care. It is important to make sure the fresh tattoo is well-maintained, not only for health reasons but for its longevity as well. Nonetheless, you might need a slight correction in the future as it tends to blur out with time.

#30 This Tattoo

Image credits: criggs0807

#31 Usually You Have A Great Idea And An Awful Tattoo, But

Image credits: DarthFarris

#32 This Awful Joe Rogan Tattoo

Image credits: dickintheass

#33 This Golf Tattoo

Image credits: goodbantermate

#34 Yin Yang Tattoo

Image credits: Secretstache1

#35 This Tattoo

Image credits: saraciousd

#36 This Tattoo

Image credits: villemorte

#37 From My Local Tattoo Shop

Image credits: something-relevent

#38 My Tattoo Artist’s Favorite Thing To Tattoo Is Foodporn. Literally Pornographic Food

Image credits: SeienShin

#39 That Tattoo

Image credits: TangerinePuzzled

#40 This Tattoo

Image credits: reddit.com

#41 Shared On Local Tattoo Shop's Social Media This Week. I Am Speechless

Image credits: mysaviourelia

#42 Posted To Local Tattoo Shop's Fb. Pretty Sure That's A Lower Back, Btw

Image credits: ystinfection

#43 This Person’s Tattoo

Image credits: Floodbucket

#44 I Went On A Date Today, He Proudly Showed Me This Tattoo

Image credits: btacceber

#45 Monster Energy Confederate Back Tattoo

Image credits: youdontknowimadog

#46 My Tattoo Artist Just Posted This

Image credits: reddit.com

#47 Centipede Face Tattoo

Image credits: an_demon

#48 These Tattoos Give Me The Heebie Jeebies

Image credits: Domestica

#49 This Rick And Morty Tattoo

Image credits: OofDotWav

#50 My Body Is My Journal And My Tattoos Are My Story (Found On Instagram)

Image credits: Lucif6r

#51 A Toad Knee Tattoo

Image credits: xoJigglypuff

#52 This Tattoo

Image credits: bada_boi

#53 Unsettling “Shronkey” Tattoo

Image credits: exaggeratedsarcasm

#54 Gross / Beautiful Tattoo

Image credits: killcannon89

#55 This Tattoo

Image credits: sedatefobia

#56 Friend Got King Of The Hill Calf Tattoos

Image credits: FuckTheFrontPage_

#57 Stranger Things Tattoo

Image credits: thebayallday

#58 This Air Jordan Dragon Tattoo

Image credits: ShankKunt42

#59 The 90s In One B**chin’ Tattoo

Image credits: reddit.com

#60 This Football Tattoo

Image credits: JohnnyRedHot

#61 This Minion Tattoo

Image credits: HeedWeed

#62 Capybara Tank Tattoo

Image credits: dingelbob

#63 This Tattoo

Image credits: bobbyburt89

#64 This Queen Elizabeth Gang Tattoo

Image credits: RaG33X

#65 This Tattoo

Image credits: basshead541

#66 For Tattoo Tuesday… I Present This Horrific Realism Portrait

Image credits: katefromthenorth

#67 This Tattoo Sleeve

Image credits: stormytattoos

#68 My Friend Was Going To Get A Tattoo, But Then He Took An Arrow In The Knee

Image credits: Gemingo

#69 Demon Tattoo

Image credits: PixAlan

#70 This Tattoo Of Saweetie On A Fan's Chest

Image credits: nine16s

#71 This Tattoo

Image credits: Jagtogg

#72 This Joint Tattoo

Image credits: xValtrez

#73 A Mutual Friends New Tattoo (She Has No Other Visible Tattoos)

Image credits: manmothhan

#74 Argyle Sock Tattoos

Image credits: GuerrillaGodzilla

#75 Yoda Minion Tattoo

Image credits: little_crab_boy

#76 A Friend Of A Friend's Tattoo

Image credits: Sarahhatessunglasses

#77 Playstation Watercolor Tattoo

Image credits: ForSucksFake

#78 This Dumb & Dumber Tattoo I Saw On Instagram Is Possibly The Worst Thing Anyone Has Ever Done To Their Body

Image credits: polizman20XX

#79 This Redbull Tattoo

Image credits: reddit.com

#80 Took This A While Back. I Know He Got Alot Going On But That Head Tattoo Was Done Very Well Even Though It's Also Terrible

Image credits: iamlarrypotter

#81 Tattoo Of Serial Killer Albert Fish

Image credits: reddit.com

#82 This Tattoo I Found On Instagram

Image credits: Kalleh

#83 This Deeply Unsettling Snake Tattoo

Image credits: szuckle

#84 A Guy I Went To School With Just Got This Tattoo

Image credits: MrSirmcawesome

#85 Probably Went About As Well As A Jeffrey Dahmer Tattoo Possibly Could

Image credits: LaiikaComeHome

#86 This Browns Fan's Tattoo Of Myles Garrett Hitting Mason Rudolph With His Own Helmet

Image credits: JoinTheBattle

#87 This George Costanza Tattoo

Image credits: sketchbookassassin

#88 Let Me Get That My Chemical Romance Face Tattoo Real Quick

Image credits: wilsonw

#89 Antique Store Find - Saved It For Tattoo Tuesday Just In Case

Image credits: gardenlevel

#90 This Horns Tattoo

Image credits: JohnnyCrossM

#91 Big Krang Tattoo On A Big Belly

Image credits: reddit.com

#92 This Tattoo

Image credits: Crissanchiz

#93 Technically Very Sound Tattoo, But

Image credits: graypupon

#94 Full Back Tattoo Of The "Holy Trinity Of Music": Jimi Hendrix, Taylor Swift, Carly Rae Jepson

Image credits: capobeira

#95 Croc Tattoo

Image credits: UST3DES

#96 Roger Stone's Photorealistic Nixon Tattoo

Image credits: MiamLitchell