8 Men’s Ankle Socks to Slip On This Summer

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It’s finally that time of year again. The snow is melting, the birds are chirping, our nights are longer and flowers are blooming left and right. Summer is just around the corner.

As we transition into warmer weather, take a look around at folks walking around on the street. Fashion is changing right in front of our eyes. We’re switching our fat parkas for lightweight jackets for spring and even losing some fabric below the knees with short shorts. But, some of the most important transitional aspects of fashion aren’t always as noticeable, such as the switch from long socks to men’s ankle socks.

While we’re stepping directly into sandal season, there’s a solid chance you’re not going open-toed all summer long. From dinner dates to bar hops with buddies to jogs by the oceanfront, men’s ankle socks are essential for warmer temperatures. Plus, they’re some of the best socks money can buy.

Typically, men’s ankle socks go relatively unnoticeable without going as far down as no-show socks. This is great because that means there won’t be any shoe-to-skin contact, minimizing overall chaffing you might otherwise experience sockless or when wearing no-shows. Men’s ankle socks vary in length, too. Some are longer than others, but nonetheless, men’s ankle socks are a simple must-have for any dude this season. Period.

Looking for the best pair of men’s ankle socks for you? Check out our favorites below from affordable options on Amazon to cult classic brands like Bombas.

1. Bombas Men’s Tri-Block Marl Ankle Sock 6-Pack


Bombas is one of the most popular brands in sock-wear right now and for good reason — these puppies really hold up.

Our senior e-commerce editor Taylor Galla knows so best through months and months of testing Bombas’ popular Tri-Block Marl ankle socks. She considers Bombas the brand that converted her into investing in her basics because of how comfortable, fitting and relentlessly durable they are.

Each ankle sock is built with extra-long staple cotton that doesn’t shrink too much in the wash whilst providing immense comfort for your foot. The footbeds of each pair are completely cushioned for added support and include a honeycomb arch to support your foot even further. With each purchase, Bombas also donates a pair to homeless shelters as well.

Although this 6-pack might be pricy in comparison to what you traditionally pay for in a pack of socks, the benefits outweigh anything you pick up at Target.

Bombas Men's Tri-Block Marl Ankle Sock 6-Pack

Buy: Bombas Men's Tri-Block Marl Ankle Sock 6-Pack $71.25 (orig. $75.00) 5% OFF


2. Cooplus Men’s Ankle Socks


With over 25,000 reviews on Amazon (and counting), Cooplus easily makes some of the most-reviewed men’s ankle socks on the planet. And, with 4.7 out of 5-stars, you can be sure these are a great option to consider.

These ankle socks include mesh zones for total breathability alongside cushioning for arch support, moisture-wicking qualities to combat sweaty feet and an anti-slip bottom so you don’t slide around in your shoes.

Colors are available in loads of basics like black and white, but also in a variety pack with colors including green, pink and more. These are ideal for all seasons but an effortless throw-on for warm weather. We’re sure these will become a quick new favorite.

Cooplus Men's Ankle Socks

Buy: Cooplus Men's Ankle Socks $12.69 (orig. $23.99) 47% OFF


3. Fruit of the Loom Men’s Half Cushion Dual Defense Ankle Socks


We’re going to keep it real: the best men’s ankle socks aren’t always the most expensive. Take Fruit of the Loom’s ankle socks for example.

These affordable socks come in a 12-pack at just $12, meaning you’ll spend no more than a dollar a pop for each pair. You can’t go wrong with that. In addition, the socks are built to be both moisture-wicking and odor-protecting so your sweaty feet don’t ruin a casual day out on the town. Colors are available in all black, all white and a white/grey combo. With a 4.7 out of 5-star rating, you can also be sure these socks are well worth the little money.

Fruit of the Loom Men's Half Cushion Dual Defense Ankle Socks

Buy: Fruit of the Loom Men's Half Cushion Dual Defense Ankle Socks $11.97 (orig. $12.99) 8% OFF


4. Lululemon Power Stride Tab Sock


Working on your fitness? Lululemon’s Power Stride Tab Socks are some of the best men’s ankle socks to consider when working out.

These puppies are specifically designed to keep you feeling good when running and exercising. The socks use Lululemon’s PerformaHeel, which is a 3D knit structure that stretches and cushions as you exert energy. In addition, the socks have 360º arch support to ensure your feet are cradled at all times.

Colors range for these socks between blacks, blues, whites and even oranges, greens and yellows. They come in at $14 a pop which is quite the splurge when it comes to ankle socks, but these fan favorites are well worth the price for anyone putting work in.

Lululemon Power Stride Tab Sock

Buy: Lululemon Power Stride Tab Sock $14.00


5. Gold Toe Men’s Outlast No Show Socks


Our site director Tim Werth tells us that these are hands-down the most comfortable socks he’s ever owned. And, at just $20 for three pairs? That doesn’t sound too bad to us. They may not look like any special, but he really loves these socks.

Using outlast technology that was originally developed for NASA, these ankle socks for men are built for optimal temperature regulation no matter what the case may be. They absorb, store and release heat depending on the temperature, meaning your feet will stay cool in warm weather and warm in cold weather.

To keep your foot comfortable, the socks are cushioned at the bottom so walking and running feel cozier than ever.

Gold Toe Men's Outlast No Show Socks

Buy: Gold Toe Men's Outlast No Show Socks $20.00


6. MeUndies Ankle Socks


Life’s too short for solid-colored ankle socks all the time. Let’s spice it up a bit with MeUndies.

For those of you that don’t know, your favorite underwear subscription service also sells socks. And, of course, these socks are loaded with funky colors and patterns. Just peep the avocado socks below and see what we mean.

Each pair is made from Supima cotton that is ethically sourced and uses low-impact dyes. In addition, socks are cushioned to keep your foot comfortable and have a blister tab so your ankles don’t chafe.

MeUndies Ankle Socks

Buy: MeUndies Ankle Socks Starting at $10.00


7. Amazon Essentials Men’s 6-Pack Performance Ankle Socks


Of course, Amazon has gotten in on the world of ankle socks by creating their own 6-pack just about everybody can get into.

These socks are made with zone cushioning on the bottom to keep you comfortable when walking around. In addition, they also have breathable properties which allow for sweat control, so you won’t be walking around with extra sweaty feet all day long. Socks are available in solid colors only, including a pack of just whites, just blacks and a variety of black and grey.

Amazon Essentials Men's 6-Pack Performance Ankle Socks

Buy: Amazon Essentials Men's 6-Pack Performance Ankle Socks $17.20


8. Pair of Thieves Cushion Ankle Socks


Out of all of the best men’s ankle socks to consider, Pair of Thieves is great because they don’t skimp out on the fabric. Each pair of their cozy ankle socks hit just above the ankle for a little extra coverage you otherwise wouldn’t see in a pair of ankle socks.

This 3-pack is totally breathable with a 4-way stretch unmatched by sock rivals. They’re cushioned at the bottom to support your foot as it goes into action and refuse to move around when inside your shoe. Keep those “I need to fix my sock” moments well into the past from here on out.

Pair of Thieves Cushion Ankle Socks

Buy: Pair of Thieves Cushion Ankle Socks $12.99


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