7 “Must Have” Items Your Kids Need If They Are Clumsy

7 “Must Have” Items Your Kids Need If They Are Clumsy

“I’m not clumsy; I am just accident-prone.” – Daniel Radcliffe.

Falling off the stairs, spilling food and drinks over the clothes, and damaged phone. Do all these things sound too familiar to you? Is your kid involved in most of these scenarios? If your answer to both these questions is YES, you need to take a few steps to help your child with clumsiness.

Clumsiness is usually due to poor coordination between brain and body. But sometimes, it is also because of distractions. In simple terms, all the things mentioned above can happen with anyone and need not necessarily be something serious.

However, distracted or not, clumsiness often results in one or the other kind of damage. Apart from this, it can also harm/injure your kid.

Therefore, to protect your kid as well as the household gadgets and decorations, you must give your child the following items.

Nonslip Grip Socks

The first item on the list is non-slip grip socks. Kids often run around the house playing. Although it is good for their physical development, it is a bit dangerous, especially if your little bundle of joy is clumsy. There is a possibility that they might fall while playing or running. Therefore, you must give them non-slip grip socks as these will help keep feet securely planted to the floor.

Thus, they can do every activity without the fear of falling. Moreover, these socks are generally thick, durable, and quite comfortable. So, they can also be used as regular socks.

Tip: You can also DIY these socks. Simply use a regular sock and add thick drops of fabric puffy paint. Let it dry for 48 hours or more, and your DIY non-slip socks are ready.

Anti-skid Shoe Pad

Kids are not home all the time. That’s why to protect them from falling or slipping while they are out playing, you should add anti-skid pads to their shoes. These pads create a firm grip on the shoes, thus reducing the chances of falling. Moreover, they also protect the shoes from getting worn out.

Not to forget, these pads will also give your kid the freedom to try out new activities such as dancing, running, or exercising without the fear of falling.

Adding these pads on shoes will give you peace of mind that your child is safe even when you are not around.

iPhone Case

iPhones are undoubtedly one of the essential gadgets. Surviving a day without it is the toughest task. You have saved your bank details, documents, and numerous other things on it. Thus, not having your phone around will affect your several everyday tasks. So, you must keep it with you and protected at all times.

However, for kids, it is generally a source of entertainment. They use it to watch or create YouTube videos, Reels or to play games. Therefore, when giving an iPhone to them, ensure that it is protected with a case. In fact, you should get iPhone cases for every family member to provide all-around protection to the device. It will ensure that whatever phone your kid is using will stay safe even if it falls.

Night Lights

How often do you wake up in the middle of the night because of a bumping noise? Uncountable? If that’s the case, you should consider installing night lights in the house. These lights are very affordable and provide dim lighting to the house. These will help guide your child during the night. That means reducing the chances of them bumping into something. Also, fewer injuries.

These are also great if your child is afraid of the dark. Plus, these lights will help improve the aesthetics of the house. You can find numerous types of night lights and select the one that your kid likes the most.

Corner Guards

Nothing hurts more than stubbing your toe on furniture. You can’t say otherwise! So, in order to protect your child from getting hurt, you should use a corner guard on all the furniture. Especially on the bed, table, and chairs. These are usually pre-taped, so they don’t slide-off the furniture. Plus, they are rubbery soft, so it gives a surety that nobody will get hurt.

Not only furniture, but you should use these guards at all those places where your kid spends the most time.

Note: Even after your kids grow up and are not as clumsy as they used to be, you should still use the corner guards for everybody’s protection.


For the safety of your kids, you should install a bed rail. It will ensure that they don’t roll out of the bed while sleeping. Bed Rails are generally very easy to assemble and also stay in place. You can add multiple pillows and cushions to the bed to make it more comfortable, cozy, and safe for your baby.

But what if your child woke up in the middle of the night? Well, in that case, bed rails have space on the sides. So, your child can easily climb out.

Tip: You should also consider using rugs on the floor so that your kid doesn’t slip after climbing out of bed.


Last but not least, you should keep a pack of Bandaids with you- in a bag, first-aid kit, and car. It will ensure that even if your kid falls, you can attend to the injury on an immediate basis. Moreover, you should teach your kid how to use a first aid kit. It will help them treat the wound in case you are not there.

To sum it all up!

Growing up is all about falling and learning. Just because your kids are clumsy, you shouldn’t restrict them from trying out new things. Use the items mentioned above and let them explore and learn.

These will ensure your child’s safety. And also help in developing a “handle with care” approach. Plus, these will ensure that the expensive gadgets and items are also safe. And the best part? Having all these things with and around your child will also give you peace of mind. You need not run errands to ensure that they don’t hurt themselves.

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