5 Coldwater Creek Treasures That Every Women Over 60 Needs in Her Reinvention Wardrobe

5 Coldwater Creek Treasures That Every Women Over 60 Needs in Her Reinvention Wardrobe

The women in our community are proud to be living life in their 60s with vitality and purpose. We are reinventing ourselves and challenging aging stereotypes!

For some, reinvention is a dramatic process of rethinking pretty much every aspect of your life. But, for others, the process of reinvention is more subtle it is a gradual process of forming a more healthy and complete bond with your authentic self.

Take fashion. For most of our lives, we are forced to wear uniforms. We dress up to go to work. We wear practical clothes to protect ourselves from flying spaghetti and other household projectiles. When we go out on the town, we dress to impress.

Now that we are in our 60s and better, we finally have the option of dressing for ourselves. We want comfort AND style fit AND feel value AND great customer service.

Fortunately, companies like Coldwater Creek, who sponsored this article, are waking up to the realization that mature women still want to look great we just want to do it on our own terms.

So, in this article, I wanted to share 5 clothing items that I feel most older women could benefit from having in their wardrobes. I hope that you will add your own favorites in the comments section at the end of this article.

As you read through my favorites, please remember that you can get 30% off your entire order if you purchase before December 14. Visit Coldwater Creek for additional details.

Comfy Sweaters to Bring a Little Hygge into Your Life

When it comes to fashion and style, reinvention doesnt have to be uncomfortable. No matter our other priorities, comfort is a priority for most women. And, every woman with a stack of books to read, a basket of knitting to do, grandchildren to hug and a family events to plan, needs at least one cosy sweater.

On a cold winters night, with a fire crackling in the background and a hot cup of tea in your hand, there is nothing like a cosy sweater to keep you warm.

Comfortable and sensuous, a shimmering cozy sweater from Coldwater Creek surrounds your senses.

These are not our grandmas frumpy and baggy sweaters. Coldwater Creeks sweaters are soft, seductive and whimsical! Heres a style similar to the chenille tunic sweater that I own.

Sleepwear to Make Your Dreams Come True

We talk a lot about how our sleep habits change as we get older. I have learned, perhaps like you, to embrace and love my dreams. These little interruptions from my subconscious push me out of the past and into the future.

Since I get so much done late at night and early in the morning, it probably wouldnt surprise you to hear that I put a bit priority on good sleepwear. And, Coldwater Creek has some amazing options.

For example, take a look at these sleepwear and loungewear items from Coldwater Creek. Personally, I am a huge fan of the Fleece-Lined Leggings and So Soft PJ Top. The latter is so soft that I often feel like I am wrapped in a cloud.

Stunning Tops that Add a Little Sophistication to Your Comfy Bottoms or Leggings

Because reinvention is an active process, it often involves activities outside the house working, traveling, spending more time with our grandkids and trying new activities.

While I often wear jeans or tailored pants when I am out and about, I have to admit that I spend a considerable amount of time in my sweatpants or leggings.

At the same time, just because I embrace the ultimate in comfy bottoms doesnt mean that I want to look frumpy or, worse, invisible. This is why I am always on the lookout for colorful tops and accessories to spice up my otherwise comfy looks.

For example, Coldwater Creek carries some of the loveliest tops, like this Indian inspired paisley top or this beautifully embellished top, which I wish they did in 5 colors! It is just stunning!

Coldwater Creeks tops come in three sizes Misses, Petite and Womens and you can look stylish and feel perfectly comfortable in all of them. I certainly do!

Underwear to Make Your Feel Sexy or Sensuous

One of the worst stereotypes about older women is that we are no longer interested in feeling sensual and sexy. Nothing can be further from the truth! This is why I am so happy that companies like Coldwater Creek offer underwear that makes older women feel like a million bucks.

For example, this no wire lace bra is gorgeous and their swimsuits are perfect for holding a realistic shape! And, call me old fashioned, but, I think Coldwater Creeks sock collection is quirky and very sexy!

Jewellery and Accessories to Tie Your New Look Together

Reinvention is a deeply personal process and, when it comes to representing how we see ourselves on the inside through fashion, no item screams out our personality louder than our jewellery and accessories.

Coldwater Creek has a massive collection of jewellery and accessories. Whether you are looking for earrings, necklaces, handbags, hats, gloves or belts, you are sure to find something fabulous to complete your look. Why not take a look now and find something that speaks to you?

Personally, I adore these snowman earrings. They are the perfect addition to any holiday outfit and they only cost $20!

Like many of you, I am a big fan of scarves and found this scarf pendant so pretty! Not only is it reversable, but, you can easily attach it to a scarf to create a new look!

Plus or Petite? Coldwater Creek Has You Covered!

I love the fact that Coldwater Creek thinks about women of all shapes and sizes. On their website they have a special section for plus size women and another for petites.

Coldwater Creek is the perfect brand for older women who are living life with curiosity and courage. As they say, This is your time, dress for it.

Dont forget! You can get 30% off your entire order if you purchase before December 14. Visit Coldwater Creek for additional details.

How has your style changed over the years? What two words would you use to describe your style now?