20 Easy Christmas Party Decoration Ideas for The Memorable Holiday Bash

Christmas is when you spending your time with your family and friends. And this is the right time to have fun activities even a party. If you want to host, there are many fun, easy Christmas party ideas that will make your party a hit. From gift wrapping to making a sock puppet, you can have your guests help you out. You don’t need any special supplies, and this holiday tradition will help spread the Christmas spirit among guests. This is a great way to get the entire family involved. Here are some easy Christmas party decoration ideas.

Gingerbread Theme

You can even get creative and create a festive decoration for the table. A gingerbread theme lends a festive air to the party. If you’d like to serve your guests sweets, then a candy and gingerbread theme is a great idea. If you don’t have a candy or gingerbread theme, you can opt to order a special organic version of the treats. A holiday songbook can be downloaded for free here.


One of the fun activities during the Christmas holidays is getting creative with gingerbread. This is a great way to gather your loved ones to entertain and spend time together. Some other sweet foods become food as well as very cute decorative works. Get creative with gingerbread and other sweets from hgtv.


Making gingerbread cookies or decorating a gingerbread house really gets one excited about the Christmas holidays. You can make it yourself by baking it with your family to fill the void of time. The gingerbread garland hanging in the dining table area emphasizes the Christmas holiday style this year. Gingerbread decoration with gingerbread house from 100directions.


The gingerbread theme is one of the favorite activities that are usually done to welcome Christmas this year. On this table you can use three different colors and of course those that have the characteristics of Christmas, you can try the combination of red, white and brown easily without having to spend too much money. Arrange all the cakes on this table neatly and cleanly. Gingerbread table theme with a combination of red, white and brown from homedit.


To make a simple work at a Christmas party, the thing you can do is decorate the table with a gingerbread theme which is dominated by sweet foods and of course very liked by children. On this table you can also add some children’s name labels for smart ideas that add to the impression of a fun room. Gingerbread table theme dominated by sweets from avery.

Red and White Colored Decor

A Christmas party isn’t complete without a good theme. Whether you’re looking for a traditional Christmas theme or something completely unique and fun, there are many easy Christmas party ideas that will make your party a success. One of them you can use red and white theme to get a festive look.


Red and white are a mix of contrasting colors that are usually used in a fun Christmas party-themed room. You can apply this color to one of the rooms in the house that your guests often visit, the kitchen is the room of choice that you can decorate at this time. Ribbons are a beautiful accent that can cover the bottom of the table, while some of the food and cutlery on the table also use the same color splash to make it seem more fun. Red and white ribbon strands from karaspartyideas.


The traditional greenery Christmas tree that is placed in the corner of this room is perfected with several red and white Christmas hanging ornaments arranged vertically. You can also use some Christmas ornaments such as socks with a splash of red and white to make it seem more harmonious and of course they can be united in the same room. Traditional Christmas tree with red and white ornaments from christmas.snydle.


This red and white Chinese ceramic teapot and glass can fill the void of a wooden shelf that can be used as a fun room decoration on Christmas Day. Under this white shelf is also equipped with some delicious snacks that can make your guests feel more comfortable. Chinese red and white ceramic teapot and glass from christmas.snydle.

Festive Gift Wrap

To enliven your Christmas party, make sure the decorative elements you use support to create a festive feel. The easiest way is to use gift wrap that has a festive and colorful pattern.


Cheerful colors like blue and green will add excitement to your Christmas gifts. Decorate it with holiday Christmas items such as a Christmas tree or some baubles of different sizes. Ribbons are a sweet finishing touch for your Christmas gifts this year, you can easily try them. Christmas gifts with pine tree items from hgtv.


Use some holiday gift wrapping patterns to welcome this month’s Christmas party with joy. You can also add some feminine colors such as pink on the ribbon accent, while the star ornaments and some baubles emphasize the Christmas holiday theme that looks great. Patterned holiday gift wrapping pattern from hgtv.

Incorporate a Photo Boot

Incorporate a photo booth. It’s easy to create a photo booth, so you can take pictures with your guests. Using a photo booth is an easy way to add fun to your party. The best part is that it doesn’t cost a lot of money. All you need is some creativity and the rest will be taken care of. If you’re having a Christmas party with family, make sure you have some fun. The kids will love playing games and you’ll have a great time.


Photo booth is one of the fun activities to welcome the Christmas party. To make this stand you don’t need a lot of expenses because you can make this Christmas ornament with paper materials that can be shaped into Santa, gingerbread, deer antlers, mustache, snowflake and some sign writing. Photo booth with paper Christmas ornaments from homedit.


The cut of Santa’s face is one of the photo booth decorations that can be made from origami paper which is perfected with several other Christmas-themed pieces with different shapes. This photo stand has a gray background so it can look more contrasting. This photo stand can be used to take pictures of your children with different appearances. Christmas photo booth on gray background from umeandthekids.

Full backdrop archway

The black cloth used as the background for this photo booth has a size large enough so that it can be used for photos of a large number of groups of people. Add some colorful paper ornaments and of course the Merry Christmas sign which has a black and red plaid patterned background. Large Christmas photo stand on black background from dimplesandtangles.

Set Up a Hot Cocoa Stand

If you are hosting a Christmas party, why not set up a hot cocoa stand? This simple decoration will make guests feel cozy and warm on a cold December night. The hot cocoa stand is a great way to add some extra flair to your Christmas party. Guests can help themselves to hot chocolate and share holiday-themed gifts. It is the perfect place to display holiday cookies and decorations. You can also load it up with marshmallows and other candy toppings. This is a fun idea for kids and adults alike. You can even serve the drinks with festive holiday-themed favors.


To help you start your Christmas party, ideas and tricks you can do are rustic-style hot cocoa stands that are a favorite of many people. Hot cocoa is great any time of year, you can use this stand any time according to the theme and season. Don’t forget to add a wood sign to make it easier for your guests to find this stand. Rustic theme hot cocoa stand from curatedinterior.


Hot cocoa stand can be made to look more luxurious by using a shiny gold iron material with some parts of the open space. The top stand can be used to make cocoa hits, the next stand is for putting marshmallows and other candies and the bottom stand is for putting some Christmas gifts that will make the kids happier. Gold hot cocoa stand from curatedinterior.


Choose and use a hot cocoa stand that is equipped with wheel legs so that it can be moved to any room according to your needs without being complicated. Now you can put this cocoa stand in the living room decoration which is perfected with a sweet white ribbon appearance. The bottom stand is equipped with some candies and marshmallows making it perfect for both children and adults to enjoy. Hot cocoa stand with wheels from curatedinterior.


To welcome guests when attending a Christmas party this year, you can consider the existence of a lively and fun hot cocoa stand. The decoration of this cocoa stand is perfected by the presence of Christmas ornaments and tree branches which are equipped with string lights so that they can help illuminate this stand at night. This hot cocoa stand is also equipped with several labels that make it easier for your guests to find the drinks they need. Festive hot cocoa stand from cleanandscentsible.

Interesting Tables cape

If you’re hosting a holiday party this season, there are many different ideas for an interesting tables cape. Rustic and elegant are two very popular holiday themes. You can use a mix of natural elements such as pine cones and cranberries in your centerpiece. And you can add some sparkle to the table by using silver or gold ornaments. Pine cones can be used as a centerpiece or as a focal point. Adding them to a glass vase will give the look of a winter wonderland, without being overly Christmas.


To bring a rustic touch to your living room, you can decorate the centerpiece with natural materials such as a series of fir leaves, pinecones and fake deer antlers which are quite large in size. Layer this rustic centerpiece decor with a burlap table runner that has a splash of beige neutral color. Rustic theme centerpiece with burlap table runner lining from hgtv.


The classic white flower arrangement applied in this tall glass vase can be neatly arranged on the dining table to serve as a centerpiece decoration. In addition to flowers, you can also combine them with pinecones around this vase as a combination of centerpiece materials that incorporates this season’s outdoor charm and is certainly very suitable to try on Christmas this year. Classic white flowers and pinecones centerpiece from elledecor.


Turn your favorite holiday candy into the centerpiece of this year’s Christmas dinner table decorations. In addition to adding color, this candy is also suitable for those of you who have children, you can complete this centerpiece decoration with the presence of a greenery Christmas tree which is equipped with several small candles for a more dramatic impression. Christmas holiday theme centerpiece decor from elledecor.


Change the appearance of your dining table with an attractive centerpiece decoration to become an important part of the Christmas party. You can use some natural materials such as green leaves and pinecones. Finish this dining table decoration by placing colorful baubles and a small deer ornament that has a shiny gold color. Christmas holiday centerpiece decoration from elledecor.

Make your Christmas party more enjoyable and memorable with these ideas.