20 awesome gifts for babies and kids at Carter’s

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When it comes to shopping for babies and kids, there are so many fun directions you can go: toys, games, books, accessories, and—that’s right—clothes. Oh, clothes. Parents will always be grateful to see their children receive clothing as a gift, especially considering their children are literally changing sizes constantly. But get a generic item of clothing for the sassy kid in your life and don’t expect to get much more than a sarcastic, “Oh wow Aunt Kate, thanks for the socks, can’t wait to wear these…”

But fear not—we’ve rounded up some of the highest rated and best selling items from one of the largest baby and child clothing retailers, Carter’s. Since Carter’s offers options for children ranging from 0 to 120 months, it’s an ideal place to knock out the shopping for any youngins on your list. We focused this list on necessities—pajamas, onesies, shirts, and pants—but selected pieces that are unique, colorful, and fun enough for both parents and children to enjoy.
For babies: 1. This set of llama pajamas (with llama footies)
Can you ever go wrong with a set of pajamas that literally have llamas on the feet? This snap-up onesie comes in sizes from preemie to 9 months old, and has more than 770 5-star reviews. Reviewers have noted that the quality and comfort of this onesie are excellent, even adding that the stretchy material makes it ideal for babies that are still growing (so … all of them).

And can we just talk about the llamas on the feet? Practically, they’re perfect for babies who tend to kick off socks while sleeping. But visually? I mean come on, it’s a baby and it now has llamas on its feet, does your cuteness meter even go this high? Footie pajamas are among our favorite gifts for new parents, and this particular onesie makes a great gift for baby showers, holidays, and birthdays.

Get the Llama Snap-Up Cotton Sleep & Play from Carter’s for $8
2. A jumper set with cartoon cats and dogs
Can’t decide whether you want to get a dress, shirt, or leggings for the baby on your list? Opt for all three by getting a clothing set—the parents can choose to use all the pieces together, or they can style them individually with the baby’s pre-existing wardrobe. This set has nearly 150 5-star reviews, with users noting that the individual pieces are great for everyday wear, but when compiled together, the 3-piece set makes an outfit well-suited for more formal events like church, holiday gatherings, and even professional photographs.

Personally, I can’t get over the cat and dog pattern, but if you want to opt for a more elegant combination, it comes in a more classic burgundy and heather. And don’t worry—the pockets on the burgundy dress still have kitten faces.

Get the 3-Piece Polka Dot Tee & Cat Jumper Set from Carter’s for $14.40
3. A quilted jacket set to keep babies warm in style
If you’re shopping for gifts for babies around the holiday season, you’ll want to consider outerwear, sweaters, jeans, and layers that can be bundled on the baby for maximum warmth. This 3-piece set comes with a button-up jacket, a onesie, and a pair of denim pants. The parents can layer all three pieces while baby is on the go, but remove them once they get indoors and back into that sweet, sweet heat.

The reviews are overwhelmingly positive for this set, with shoppers noting specifically that they appreciate the versatility of the set. Many buyers note that they chose this set as a gift for new parents or young babies, adding that it may run a little large, but the babies seem to grow into the set by the time the cool weather passes, making it perfect to wear into springtime.

Get the 3-Piece Quilted Little Jacket Set from Carter’s for $17
4. This zip-up onesie you’ll wish they made in adult sizes
This fleece onesie is another gift ideal for cooler months. It zips from ankle to chin, making it easier for parents to tuck their babies into this outfit. This particular onesie is also part of the Carter’s Sleep & Play line and can be worn during both nighttime and daytime activities, making it an ideal gift for babies whose wardrobes you’re not quite familiar with. Not sure whether the baby already has too many pajamas or daytime outfits? Let the parents decide which use is better for their little one.

The Sleep & Play onesie for baby girls comes in six patterns, including those adorned with koalas, sheep, unicorn, and cats. Reviewers appreciate the quality of this onesie, specifically noting that it holds up well after washing, which is so crucial when talking about baby clothes. Our senior writer for appliances and resident laundry expert, Cindy Bailen, notes that it’s always important to wash baby clothes on the delicate cycle to keep them looking fresh over time. Particularly with baby clothing and cloth diapers, a washer and dryer with a sanitize cycle is critical for getting clothing as clean as possible.

Get the Koala Zip-Up Fleece Sleep & Play from Carter’s for $18
5. This penguin outfit set that can be worn all winter
Holiday gift shopping for babies is incredibly fun once you start combing through the various festive and winter-themed outfits on the market. This set from Carter’s is great as a gift for a newborn baby girl, as it comes with two long-sleeved onesies and one pair of pants (all adorned with happy penguins).

Almost every review for this set on the Carter’s site has 5 stars, with buyers commenting that the set fits comfortably on newborns. It comes in three designs on the site, all made from 100% cotton.

Get the 3-Piece Penguin Little Character Set from Carter’s for $10
6. An incredible baby denim jacket that can be worn with anything
I’m not sure there’s a more adorable image I can conjure in my head than a baby wearing a denim jacket, especially if paired with a red bandana and an ironic tee-shirt with a quip about motorcycling. This denim jacket comes with real pockets and is available in sizes ranging from 3 to 24 months. It’s a classic piece of outerwear that’s equally fashionable and useful during spring and fall.

Reviewers appreciate the level of detail put into the denim jacket, noting they love the functional pockets and large buttons. Many also note that it pairs well with adult denim jackets on the market, making it great for family photos and matching ensembles.

Get the Denim Jacket from Carter’s for $21.60
7. These highly-rated comfy pants baby can lounge in all day
High-quality elastic pants are essential for parents of newborns. The stretchy bands allow parents to easily pull pants over layers of clothing and bulky diapers. This particular set has nearly 500 reviews and comes in a variety of colors, making it a great gift for newborn boys and girls. Plus, you get two pairs for under $15, which is twice as nice.

Reviewers note that the elastic band fits well and doesn’t squeeze too tightly. Many also pointed out that the pants are incredibly comfortable and high in quality—and the neutral colors are ideal for pairing with nearly any onesie.

Get the 2-Pack Cotton & Poly Pants from Carter’s for $13.20
8. An adorable monster onesie for your favorite little one
It doesn’t need to be Halloween for babies to dress like monsters. This colorful addition to the Carter’s Sleep & Play line comes with a happy monster face embroidered on the front. It zips from ankle to chin and even has a safety strap under the chin that protects newborn skin from the zipper. Cuffs keep the sleeves from rolling up while the footies keep baby’s toes warm throughout the day. This onesie, like the one we shared earlier in the list, is meant to be used for both sleep and play, meaning parents can choose whether this outfit is better suited for their child’s pajama collection or everyday clothing.

With nearly 200 5-star reviews, this onesie is praised by users for its comfort. It’s made entirely from fleece, so it’s especially great for cooler weather. People note that this pair makes a great set of winter pajamas for babies. And if monsters aren’t quite the taste of the baby on your list, this zip-up comes in 10 different patterns, including polar bears, dinosaurs, trucks, and airplanes.

Get the Monster Zip-Up Fleece Sleep & Play from Carter’s for $18
9. This “aww”-inducing hooded sloth jumpsuit that's as cute as the real thing
This full-body hooded sloth jumpsuit is another addition to my “things I would wear if they made them for adults” list. Once you gift this to the baby’s parents, good luck doing anything other than standing over the baby saying “aww” for the next three hours. The animal-inspired jumpsuit is made from cozy fleece and comes with cuffed sleeves and legs. It doesn’t come with footies, but it does come with a hood embroidered with a sloth face.

Reviewers note that they have purchased this jumpsuit as both an everyday outfit and a Halloween costume, and they say the fleece is incredibly soft and the details of the sloth itself are well done.

Get the Hooded Sloth Fleece Jumpsuit from Carter’s for $11
10. These super soft blankets that are ideal for snuggling
Parents with a new baby will receive a deluge of gifts during holidays, showers, and birthdays, but there are several items they’ll need more than one of—such as receiving blankets. These thin blankets serve a variety of purposes, including burping, feeding, sleeping, cleaning, swaddling, and even lying on the floor. This particular set is made from soft, breathable cotton, and they’re adorned with happy cartoon sheep.

The reviews note that the black-and-white designs make these blankets perfect for babies of all genders. They also point out that the blankets do well in the washing machine, surviving delicate loads without warping or falling apart. These are great as standalone gifts and stocking stuffers for babies.

Get the 4-Pack Receiving Blanket from Carter’s for $15.60
For kids: 11. An amazing set of cotton pajamas kids will love running around in
You can’t go wrong with gifting a great set of pajamas. As they get older, kids often care more about what they’re wearing to bed—pick a high-quality set they’ll want to wear every night. The boys’ set comes in five different patterns, ideal for kids with all interests: space, animals, sports, dinosaurs, and trucks. The girls’ set features six styles: unicorns, avocados, sports, leopards, ballet, and dogs.

Each set comes with two sets of shirts and pants, allowing them to pick their own combination with each. Reviewers note that these pajamas are very comfy and warm, and they tend to fit as advertised.

Get the 4-Piece Snug Fit Cotton PJs from Carter’s for $18

Get the 4-Piece Unicorn Snug Fit Cotton PJs from Carter’s for $18
12. A character tee that matches their favorite fandom
If you’re shopping for a kid you know well, find a high-quality tee that displays one of their favorite characters, like Spider-Man, Darth Vader, Elsa, or Ariel. Bonus points if you can pair up your gift with the release of a new movie, show, or game they’re excited about. Both the girls' and boys' versions have eight different characters to choose from, including Ariel, Minnie Mouse, Spider-Man, and Black Panther. Even better—select styles glow in the dark, which essentially means you’ve hit the cool gift lottery.

Reviewers note that the material is incredibly soft, and while the shirts may run big, they give children room to grow.

Get a girl’s character tee from Carters for $12

Get a boy’s character tee from Carter’s for $12
13. Absolutely iconic hooded dinosaur onesie pajamas kids will never want to take off
Babies aren’t the only ones who get to zip up from head-to-toe in a fleece set of pajamas. This dinosaur hoodie is patterned to resemble a dinosaur’s scales, while the hood has eyes, teeth, and dermal scales sewn into the material. Perfect for sleepovers, cool nights, and winter snuggles, this onesie is a great way for kids to stay warm while showing off their fun and creative sides.

This set runs from sizes 4 to 14 and comes in eight styles, including shark, sloth, and unicorn. It’s machine washable and zips from ankle to chin, making it easy to slip in and out of. It has nearly 100 5-star reviews, with many buyers complimenting how soft the fleece is. It makes a great holiday gift for siblings or sets of cousins who are gathered together at the same time.

Get the 1-Piece Dinosaur Hooded Fleece Footless PJs from Carter’s for $21
14. Comfy leggings that go with just about anything
These vibrant leggings from Carter’s have nearly 200 5-star reviews and come in 19 patterns and colors. Leggings are a great gift for kids—they can be worn as pants, used as play clothes, thrown under dresses and rompers, or used as pajamas. If you know the kid on your list’s favorite color, get a pair to match. If not, opt for a fun pattern or vibrant color, like turquoise. Leggings are also perfect for stuffing in stockings or pairing with that cute shirt you got the kid from your last vacation. Reviewers comment on the high quality of these leggings, noting that they run true to size.

Get the Turquoise Leggings from Carter’s for $16
15. A dinosaur shirt that brings hours of entertainment
Who doesn’t love a shirt that’s half clothing, half toy? This highly rated shirt features a dinosaur mid-roar made from interactive flip sequins. The dinosaur can be a bright shade of green, or—when you rub your hands against it—an icy blue. Any shirt that can double as entertainment is a gift that both kids and parents will enjoy.

Reviewers note that the children who receive this shirt are big fans—one person even said that her grandson loved it so much, she had to buy a second design. It comes in eight patterns and runs from sizes 4 to 14, with many reviewers specifically pointing out that they enjoy the feel of the shirt’s material.

Get the Flip Sequin T-Rex Layered-Look Tee from Carter’s for $11.20
16. A bestselling pair of sweatpants perfect for lounging around
Kids aren’t that different from adults. Some days—especially in the winter—they just want to throw on the coziest pair of sweatpants they own and lounge around the house all day. These make a great gift for youngsters during the winter.

These sweatpants come in five different colors and have nearly 200 5-star reviews. Reviewers specifically note that they enjoy the drawstring on the sweatpants, as many growing children don’t quite fit into sweatpants that just have elastic bands.

Get the Pull-On French Terry Joggers from Carter’s for $8
17. This llama tee that’s pun-tastic
Who doesn’t appreciate a great pun? This adorable jersey tee features a cartoon llama wearing a fanny pack, visor, and rollerblades with the caption, “No Probllama,” giving off the exact energy I would love to embody. It has nearly 150 5-star reviews, with reviewers stressing how comfortable the shirt’s material is. The jersey tee is the same material as the rest of the Carter’s jersey line, so it’s 100% breathable cotton, and reviewers say that it tends to fit true to size.

Get the Glitter No Probllama from Carter’s for $5
18. A sporty unicorn tee perfect for physical activity
If you’ve got a soccer player, ballerina, runner, or overall playtime enthusiast on your list, this sporty unicorn tee is a great gift option. This jersey tee is 100% cotton and reviews consistently remark on how comfortable it is. The cartoon unicorn makes this shirt a great gift for any kid who loves their mid-morning cartoons and stuffed animals.

Get the Sporty Unicorns Jersey Tee from Carter’s for $5
19. This dress covered in dog cartoons
If my editor would let me share a picture of me wearing the incredibly uncomfortable southern belle dresses my mother forced me to wear in childhood, I would do so here. Little girls do not always love being forced to wear uncomfortable dresses with frills, poofs, and non-functional buttons—which is why this jersey dress featuring hand-drawn dog breeds is a great gift option for any girls on your list. People say that it’s functional, comfy, and perfect for summer weather. For fall and winter, it can be layered with jackets and leggings for extra warmth. If you’re gifting during the holiday season, consider pairing this dress with a complementary set of leggings and boots.

Get the Dog Print Jersey Dress from Carter’s for $11.99
20. These fun sets of dinosaur socks that make socks enjoyable
OK—controversial take coming—get the kid on your list some socks. But not just any socks: you can’t blame them for being disappointed after receiving a six-pack of white crew socks. No one wants that at any age, so pick a fun and colorful set of socks that will make them actually want to wear socks. It’s hard to go wrong with dinosaurs—these crew socks are adorned with various images of cartoon dinosaurs. The girls’ set features shades of pink, yellow, turquoise, and gray, while the boys’ set features stripes, the word “Roar,” and a dinosaur that wraps around the sock. Pick the pair that best fits the personality of the kid on your list and get ready to see a big smile.

These socks match other dinosaur outfits well, and the nonstick grip on the soles make it easy for kids to run around and play without shoes.

Get the Girls’ 3-Pack Dinosaur Crew Socks from Carter’s for $6.99

Get the Boys’ 3-Pack Dinosaur Socks from Carter’s for $7

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