18 Cute Hairstyles for Girls You Need to Try Out

Look at these cute hairstyles for girls! Wow!

When you have a daughter, there’s always that urge to try out the cutest hairstyles once their hair gets long enough!

But seeing a hairstyle on Pinterest and trying to get to work on your child’s head are often two different things.

Between your fingers not cooperating to your child getting anxious, it’s not always easy to pull off cute hairstyles for girls.

Don’t worry!

I’ve come up with some super easy hairstyles for girls that won’t leave you and your little one frustrated.

With the right supplies on hand (which I’ll talk about, too), you’ll be well on your way to creating some super adorable hairstyles.

Let’s get started!

Girls’ Hairstyles Tips

Before you get started on these super cute hairstyles for girls, here are some awesome tips you should check out:

  • Don’t choose anything too complicated. Sure, practice makes perfect, but your test subject may not have the patience to sit through your attempts at a fancy hairstyle.
  • Choose easy hairstyles for gurls that will last a couple of days. Since kids often don’t need their hair washed every day, invest in a hairstyle that will hold up for a while.
  • Get the right gear. Make sure you have brushes, combs (especially a tail comb), elastics, and bobby pins on hand when creating these cute hairstyles for girls. Small rubber elastics, like the ones kids use on their braces, are also a must-have!

For girls with particularly tangly hair, have some detangling spray on hand as well.

My daughter has long hair and it often gets tangles. I found this detangler works wonders!

But, you can even make your own by mixing conditioner and water in a spray bottle!

Dry shampoo is helpful as well to keep hair from getting too dirty too fast.

You can apply it on the day of or use it in freshly washed and almost dry hair.

Lastly, hair clips and other adornments can take these easy hairstyles for girls to the next level with a fancy look!

My daughter is into scrunchies lately and found these one she likes the most.

Cute and Easy Hairstyles for Girls

So, let’s check out some easy hairstyles for girls that you can try out.

1. Sock Bun