15 Easy Bun Hairstyles to Rock This Summer

With Summer fast approaching, finding the perfect hairstyle to keep you cool ( and sane) is of the utmost importance. We’ve already found our favorite ponytails for moms, but every woman needs a good bun or two in her arsenal.

Hairstyles with a bun can be dressed up for work, girls night, or date night and could easily become your go to for a fancy evening. Bun hairstyles can be totally casual and be worn around the house or running errands. Bun style hair can also be completely messy and complete your poolside or beach day look.

15 Easy Bun Hairstyles to Rock This Summer

Whatever your reason you choose a bun hair style, you’ll find the perfect, easy bun hairstyle any summer need, from a sleek bun for a night out to a messy bun that’s perfect for the beach.  Here’s a number of different hairstyles that will help you look stylish while keeping your hair off your face

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Easy Hairstyles with a Bun to Keep You Cool

Grab your hair elastics, a handful of bobby pins and in some cases a little hairspray…we are going to be exploring the classic and not-so-traditional updo that can change styles with your mood.  Oh, and starting with dry shampoo is completely legal!

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1. Top Knot Messy Bun Topknot with Casual Style

Busy moms know that the top knot is one of the go-to hairstyles on a hectic day. This tutorial will teach you how to get a fluffy knot even if you don’t have a lot of hair.

bun hairstyles 8

2. Nape of Your Neck Quick Hairdo

Have a date but not a lot of time to fix your hair? You’re in luck! This elegant bun only takes TWO minutes! You can spare a couple of minutes, can’t you?

bun hairstyles 1

3. Low Knot with Texture

This low, easy braided bun can be done quickly, and you can totally change the look of it depending on how tightly or loosely you braid your hair before wrapping it into a bun.

bun hairstyles 2

4. 2 Low Buns are the Cutest

Put your hair in two low messy buns for a fun and playful look. You can even do this with short-medium length hair… It’s not just for the long-haired gals!

bun hairstyles 3

5. Here Comes the Bride Chignon

Small braids add pizzazz to this 3-minute bubble bun. This is another look that’s great for a night out.

bun hairstyles 4

A chignon is “a knot of hair that is worn at the back of the head and especially at the nape of the neck.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

6. Lovely Locks Twisty Top Knot

The twisted top knot is so easy to do. Put your hair in a high pony tail, twist sections around each other, and then twist those pieces into a high bun. Cute!

bun hairstyles 5

7. French Braid Bun with Loose Strands

Speaking of twists, this soft twist-wrapped bun looks sweet and romantic. Wouldn’t it be lovely with your summer dresses?

bun hairstyles 6

8. Low Bun Hairstyle with Hair Accessories

Try a side bun with this one-minute messy bun tutorial. Dress it up with a cute pin or two, or leave it casual for everyday wear.

bun hairstyles 7

9. Fishtail Messy Bun

Okay, so this double fishtail bun takes a little more effort, but isn’t it gorgeous? Once you learn how to do a fishtail braid, though, it goes quickly. Promise!

bun hairstyles 9

10. Easy Bun for Curls

Have curly hair that gets frizzy in the summer heat and humidity? Try this curly twisted bun to tame it and keep cool.

bun hairstyles 10

11. Long Hair Sweep Bun

Here’s another bun that can be dressy or casual: the chestnut bun. It’s super simple and so elegant!

bun hairstyles 11

12. Skip the Dry Shampoo Bun

Do you have a friend who always manages to get her hair into the perfect messy bun? The secret? Dirty hair! Seriously.

bun hairstyles 12

13. Sock Top Knot Bun

A textured sock bun takes less than a minute to complete, so you’re never too busy for this one.

bun hairstyles 13

14. Here Comes the Bridesmaid Loop Bun

Create this gorgeous girly look by looping and twisting your hair into a soft, messy bun.

bun hairstyles 14

15. Every Day Bun Hairstyle

And finally, you can’t get any easier than this low messy bun. Add texturizing spray to your hair (if it’s thin or fine), loop it under, and pull out some pieces to make it look messy. You’re done!

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More Hairstyles You Can Do on Your Own

It doesn’t have to take a long time or be super complicated (because who has time for complicated hairstyles?) A bun can be the piece that makes the look, either by dressing it up or down. But most importantly, a bun keeps your hair out of you way so you can enjoy the summer and look great while doing it. Which look best suits your needs?

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