15 Best-Selling Men’s Activewear Pieces From Lululemon

15 Best-Selling Men’s Activewear Pieces From Lululemon

Lululemon might be famous for their women’s yoga pants, but their men’s activewear is quietly some of the best on the market.

Their pieces bring the same modern style and performance features as some of the big brands like Nike and Adidas, but in some cases, Lululemon’s clothing is more comfortable and higher quality. Plus, Lulu’s pieces are typically better suited for activities like yoga, stretching, hiking or cross training, thanks to looser fits and softer materials.

In addition to activewear, Lululemon also produces everyday shirts and pants for men. These are designed for men on the go and will move with you from work to evening drinks and, in some cases, the gym.

Plus, most of Lulu’s menswear features their innovative zinc anti-stink fabric to keep your clothes smelling fresh sweat after sweat.

If you’re thinking of giving Lululemon a try, we have rounded up some of their best-selling pieces to get your wardrobe started. Check them out below.


1. At Ease Hoodie


Created for supreme comfort and that satisfied, after-workout feeling, the At Ease Hoodie is getting rave reviews from critics and users alike. It’s made from a soft, breathable material that has a slight stretch for ease of movement. The non-cuffed sleeves and hem add to the casual feel, and the included extras, like space for your phone, make this feel like an intuitive design.

lululemon for men hoodie


2. T.H.E. Tab Sock


While you might not think about turning to Lululemon when buying socks, it only makes sense that the active wear company known for comfort makes a supreme pair of foot coverings. The T.H.E. Tab Socks are lightweight running socks with cushioning at the heel and toe as well as a breathable mesh fabric. Plus, each pair comes with one right-foot and one left-foot specific sock to ensure bulk-free wear in the toes.

lululemon for men socks


3. Always in Motion Boxer Mesh


One of the most overlooked pieces of workout gear is underwear. The type you choose can make a huge difference to your comfort during a run, weight session or yoga practice. That’s why Lululemon has designed the Always in Motion Boxer Mesh. These boxers are made from a super breathable, soft mesh modal fabric that’s quick drying for your convenience.

lululemon for men boxers


4. 5-Year Basic Long Sleeve Henley


For a shirt that can transition from the office to a night out yet also offers unbelievable comfort, look no further than the 5-Year Basic Long Sleeve Henley. This versatile shirt is lightweight, soft and stretchy, an ideal combination for your busy life. It’s available in three attractive colors, but the beeswax color pictured below is definitely the most eye catching.

lululemon for men henley


5. Metal Vent Tech Sleeveless 2.0


In the words of Lululemon, this shirt was “born to perform.” The tank was designed for running and training, and thanks to the no-chafe, seamless construction and breathable fabric, it’s sure to be your constant gym companion. And that’s okay, because you don’t have to worry about it getting stinky over time. This sleeveless shirt has built-in anti-stink technology.

lululemon for men sleeveless top


6. City Sweat Short French Terry 9″


These sweat shorts strike a balance between ultra-comfy Netflix-binging bottoms and performance workout shorts. This versatility comes from a soft French terry fabric that’s been altered to be more breathable and stretchy, so you can jump, stretch or run with ease. They also feature three pockets (two on the front and one in the back), making them usable while running errands.

grey shorts lululemon

Courtesy of Lululemon


7. T.H.E. Short Linerless


These minimal shorts don’t look like anything special, but they’ll end up being your go-to pair for almost any activity. They feature a super lightweight Swift Ultra fabric that provides four-way stretch and real sweat-wicking abilities. Plus, they look great with your best athleisure outfit when you’re not working out.

Athletic shorts Men's Lululemon

Courtesy of Lululemon


8. Metal Vent Tech Short Sleeve V 2.0


Train hard in style with the Metal Vent Tech Short Sleeve. This attractive shirt boasts Lululemon’s signature no-chafe, seamless construction. It also has remarkable anti-stink technology that will allow you to wear this shirt workout after workout without it getting too smelly, even without washing. When ordering online, this short sleeve shirt is available in three distinct colors, including Sea Water (shown below).

lululemon for men tshirt


9. Metal Vent Tech Hoodie 2.0


Sometimes you want the comfort of a hoodie but you don’t want the weight. In those times, turn to the Metal Vent Tech Hoodie 2.0. Designed for running, this technical training hoodie is made from recycled polyester and has ventilation zones for increased comfort when things get sweaty. In addition to anti-stink zinc technology, this shirt also features spandex yarns that prevent the hoodie from stretching out when it gets wet. Altogether, this is a great piece to have in your wardrobe for workouts and around-the-house wear.

lululemon for men light hoodie


10. Surge Warm Long Sleeve


For late-night runners who train in all seasons, there are few better tops than the Surge Warm Long Sleeve. This well-designed long sleeve shirt is made from Rulu™ fabric which is incredibly lightweight, boasts four-way stretch and features Lycra® fiber for shape retention. However, the best thing about this shirt are the included reflective details to keep you safe on your runs in the dark. The next time you go for a run, stay warm and make sure everyone can see you with this brilliant Lululemon top.

lululemon for men long sleeve warm


11. City to Beach Short 7”


Everyone loves that swim trunks are usually harbingers of water, sand and sun, but no one actually likes wearing them out and about. Lululemon solved that problem by creating a hybrid pair of swimming shorts. The City to Beach Short is made from four-way stretch fabric that can transition from the ocean to a beachside cafe with ease. As an added bonus, these shorts boast zippered pockets with a hidden key loop.

lululemon for men swimming trunks


12. Commission Long Sleeve Shirt


It might seem odd for an athleisure clothing company to make a button down shirt, but we love the simple style of the Commission Long Sleeve Shirt. This slightly more formal top has a soft, silky feel thanks to the cotton polyester blend. It looks just like a cotton button down but is way more comfortable. And, as an added benefit, this long sleeve shirt has been treated with No-Stink Zinc to inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria, meaning you don’t have to worry if you get yourself into any sweaty situations around the office.

lululemon for men button down shirt


13. ABC Pant Classic Warpstreme 32″

Looking for a go-to pair of trousers? These ABC pants are a great option. They showcase a sleek, modern fit, but offer some serious comfort with Lululemon’s Warpstreme fabric. They come in a handful of low-key colors and work great for traveling or staying comfortable at the office.

stretch pants lululemon

Courtesy of Lululemon


14. Surge Hybrid Pant 29″


Yes, they’re $128, but these Surge Hybrid Pants still provide some of the best bang-for-your-buck of any athletic gear. They’re ideal for warming up or running as the cut maintains warmth yet keeps the fabric out of the way of your quads. Still, the low-key, stylish look makes these pants great for wearing around town, too, and are even better for traveling.

lululemon for men jogger


15. Commission Pant Slim Canvas 34″


Stylish and comfortable are rarely two adjectives that go together, but they both describe the Commission Pant Slim Canvas. These slim-fit pants are made from sweat-wicking fabric and boast ABC (anti-ball-crushing) technology. They also stretch along with any way you choose to move. As a final added bonus, these pants boast one hidden zip-up pocket and snaps on the back pockets so they don’t gap.

lululemon for men chino


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