12 Incredibly Cheap & Easy Remedies for Dry & Cracked Winter Feet

Here are some tips to treat dry feet during cold weather months!

feet under covers

Got dry feet?

While you may not be showing off your feet as much during the colder months, we know this time of year can really put a strain on their health. So even if you struggle with seriously dry & cracked feet in the winter, these highly-rated dry feet remedies will kick cracked skin to the curb once and for all.

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Here are the 12 best products to use for dry feet:

1. Handle even the toughest cracked feet with O’Keeffe’s Healthy Feet.

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Many of our Hip2Saver readers recommended this product and since my Hip sidekick, Emily, was in the market for a great product, she had to scoop some up to see what all the hype was about! Not only does this brand guarantee relief in days, but it’s also hypoallergenic, unscented & dye-free, phthalate, paraben, and aluminum-free, and even safe for people with diabetes!

before and after of dry cracked feet

After a few applications of the overnight variety, Emily totally swears by this product and has been using it for over a year now! Here’s what she said about it:

“Talk about a miracle-working product! I slather this lotion on at night, pull on a pair of socks, and by the morning, my feet are incredibly soft and smooth. I’m sorry for sharing a picture of my kind of gross feet but I’m telling you it really works! 🙌

2. Suffering from bleeding & cracked dry feet? Collin swears by Kerasal!

kerasal foot cream with box sitting on marble countertop

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With over 21,000 reviews on Amazon, we’re confident this dry foot ointment will be just the easy remedy you need! In fact, they even claim to give you visible results in just one overnight application!

Best of all, it doesn’t just put a bandaid on your dry feet, it pulls double duty by completely exfoliating to loosen and remove hard, dry skin. The end result? You’ll have deeply moisturized heels and completely repaired dry, cracked feet. If that’s not enough to assure you, take Collin’s word because she can’t live without this dry foot ointment now! Here’s what she had to say about it:

“So my heels were cracked everywhere and almost bleeding. This stuff worked like magic. I put it on my feet at night and I woke up in the morning with the cracking basically gone and my heels smooth as a baby’s butt! Ok ok… maybe not that smooth but close! And if you had seen the before and after, your mouth would have dropped. 😱 I won’t show you though as that wouldn’t be very nice. 😆”

3. Score CeraVe SA Cream that can be used all over your body and feet.

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As they say, time heals all wounds and if you stick to religiously using this cream, you can improve the dry skin not just on your dry, cracked feet, but all over your body! Plus, we don’t think over 12,500 5-star Amazon reviews would steer us wrong, so if you’re looking for something more versatile to tackle the dryness, this dry feet remedy is your answer!

before and after of dry winter cracked skin feet

“I have been using this for a month, and I wasn’t even consistent with doing it twice a day, but the results all over my body are amazing! I’ve been diagnosed with psoriasis recently but my legs, feet, and arms are the worst. I had no idea I could make my skin as smooth as it is now. My skin feels silky smooth now even if I don’t shave. The tiny bumps I had are gone and my skin affected by psoriasis is getting so much better. So worth the buy!” – Brittany 

4. Soften your feet with Heel to Toe Large Foot Softener Stick.

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If you’re just in need of a more mild product that’ll have you feeling like you just stepped out of a salon pedicure then consider this Heel to Toe stick! It’s easy to apply, is formulated with natural lanolin and beeswax, and while it won’t get rid of calluses, it’ll help soften them and lock in moisture so your feet will be well on their way to better health!

“This stuff has been a lifesaver! It’s easy to use since you don’t have to get it on your hands and it smells great. If I let my feet go for a while in the winter (I live in Northern Michigan) my heels almost start to crack and they look awful. This stuff will clear up my feet within a week using only once a day before I put my socks on.” – Ashley 

5. Get immediate results with this foot filer.

black foot file with bag laying on countertop dry feet remedies

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Need a quick and easy way to get those feet soft and callus-free? With a foot filer priced at just under $9, you can get immediate results before curling up on the couch. The process is simple, can be used on wet or dry feet, and we’re confident 62,500+ 5-star reviews don’t lie.

It’ll leave your feet feeling fresher than your last pedicure and we love that it’s a reusable alternative so you’ll get many more salon-quality pedicures where that came from. If you want the whole experience, many reviewers also paired their foot filer with this professional-grade callus remover gel.

Hip Tip: Store the foot filer in the shower so you can use it while your feet are damp and easily wash the dead skin down the drain.

before and after of dry cracked feet dry feet remedies

“I read a lot of reviews on dry feet remedies before purchasing this file. I also saw a lot of complaints about this remedy cutting people, but I decided to try it anyway. I’m so glad I did! I didn’t cut myself once. As long as you start out gently, you’ll be able to feel if you need to apply more pressure. I was able to do both of my feet very quickly.

The first picture was before, and the second picture was after only ONE time of using this product. It was absolutely painless and exceeded my expectations. My only advice is to soak your feet first.” – Jackie

6. Dunk your feet in Vaseline like the good ol’ days.

two bottles of vaseline in front of white plastic foot

If you’re tight on budget, then consider some good old-fashioned Vaseline for just a couple of bucks! As a kid, I remember my mom treating my seriously dry, cracked feet, and hands using Vaseline. And no, you’re not just rubbing it on like a regular lotion – you’re literally going to douse your skin with this stuff!

To be on your way to softer, velvety feet, simply slather on a thick layer of Vaseline and cover them with a thick pair of socks (preferably long ones), and get a good night’s sleep. In the morning you’ll likely be good as new, but if not just repeat this process every night until your feet feel and look better.

7. Moisturizing Socks can be life-changing for your feet when on the go.

gel moisturizing socks

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If you’re constantly on your feet, you understand the damage that happens to your heels, making any and all shoes unpleasant to walk in. If this sounds like something you experience, then you need to check out these moisturizing heel socks! They repair, heal, and moisturize dry, cracked feet.

Although some reviews mention the socks have a tight fit, they do wonders for the feet and feel as comforting as a weighted blanket! Many reviews mention sleeping comfortably with them and really benefiting from this overnight treatment.

“Absolutely amazing! I’m not a fan of sleeping with socks, I get hot and find it uncomfortable. These socks are so comfortable that I don’t even know I’m wearing them. Really puts the cream to work as the rubber lining keeps the moisture in. You won’t very disappointed!” – Chantel

8. Exfoliate with a Foot Peel.

exfoliating foot mask

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Foot peels can work some serious magic on damaged feet! This lavender-scented peel is made of all-natural ingredients and applied like a sock. It’s pain-free and removes the outermost cracked layer of skin, revealing renewed feet! Over 30,000 people on Amazon are loving this mind-blowing and oh-so-satisfying dry foot product.

9. Try applying Bag Balm.

bag balm

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From Athlete’s Foot to baby rashes, Bag Balm can pretty much help treat anything, and moisturizing dry feet is included in its healing capabilities! Simply apply it to your feet, preferably after bathing, and it’ll do wonders! Note that bag balm does have a strong smell, but it’s something most users get used to.

10. Castor Oil treats so many things, including dry feet!

castor oil bottle on sink

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It may seem strange since most people associate castor oil with hair growth, but there are so many other benefits to using it. One reader shared with us how much of a lifesaver it was to dry feet. Apply to your feet before going to bed, but remember to wear socks.

“I found that castor oil works better than anything else. You do have to wear socks to keep the oil from soiling the sheets but after about a week, my heels were completely healed, and they were really bad when I started using it. Castor oil is great for healing lots of skin issues.” – Pat

11. Aveeno Baby Eczema Nighttime Balm makes a world of a difference.

aveeno baby eczema therapy

Since it’s designed for cases of Eczema, this Aveeno product is sure to do wonders for your skin. Applying this nighttime balm after the shower or whenever your feet feel extra irritated will do wonders for your dry feet!

12. Lush Foot Lotion offers top-quality care.

lush pink peppermint foot cream

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Lush is full of naturally sourced wonderful products for skin, hair, and all-around self-care, and their Pink Peppermint foot lotion is no exception. It’s made of cocoa butter, peppermint oil, and spearmint oil to allow moisturizing, cooling, and refreshing elements therapeutically treat your dry feet.

*While we’re confident these dry feet remedies will work wonders on your little piggies, please make sure to consult with a trusted physician if you are concerned with the general health of your feet, have any skin issues, or other health concerns. 

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