110 Very Unusual Vending Machines You Probably Didn’t Even Know Existed

The first modern coin-operated vending machines were born in London in the early 1880s, dispensing postcards. Thanks to their inventor Percival Everitt, vending machines became a quintessential feature of post offices and railway stations. But some believe that vending machines date back to ancient Greece, when the engineer Hero Of Alexandria made an invention that took coins and dispensed holy water.

The rest is history and today the world is full of vending machines, each one ingenious and crazier than the last. From very on-demand face covering gumball dispensers and a colorful cake vending machine for your late-night sweet tooth cravings to a salmon ATM that dispenses… you guessed it, a piece of salmon, to a biblio-mat that hands out a totally random book for $2, it seems like everything on this planet deserves its very own vending machine.

So get your coins ready, ‘cause Bored Panda compiled this collection of the coolest and most unusual vending machines ready to dispense… you name it!

#1 This Vending Machine Dispenses A Random Book For $2.00

Image credits: JiveMonkey

#2 Refillable Detergent In Prague, Czech

Image credits: starlightexpress3005

#3 My College Has A Vending Machine For Violin Strings And Woodwind Reeds

Image credits: Future2050

#4 A Vending Machine In Japan That Sells Solder And Resistors, For Your Late-Night Circuitry Cravings

Image credits: 9999monkeys

#5 I'm From The Netherlands And We Have Vending Machines For Eggs

Image credits: thatredgirl19

#6 A Mask Gumball Machine At The Dollar Store

Image credits: Tedt78

#7 The Hotel I Am Staying At Has A Vending Machine Strictly For Champagne

Image credits: BBBxWest

#8 A Sock Vending Machine

Image credits: VinnyTheMobster

#9 I Found A Cake Vending Machine

Image credits: casualmatch

#10 A Meat Vending Machine Near My Hometown In Germany

Image credits: Sockratte

#11 My School Just Installed A CVS Vending Machine Full Of Medicine And Hygiene Products

Image credits: CommandLionInterface

#12 Vending Machine For Game Boy Games

Image credits: FlySupaFly

#13 The Vending Machine In The Engineering Department Of My School Offers Fuses

Image credits: lzharsh

#14 There Is A Cigarette Vending Machine In Las Vegas That Now Sells Art Instead Of Cigarettes. For $5, You Can Have One Of Several Original Pocket-Sized Pieces Of Art

Image credits: bufadad

#15 Train Station In Paris Had A Machine That Printed Out Short Stories To Read While You Wait

Image credits: jonnyking20

#16 Walking Japanese Robot Vending Machine

Image credits: reddit.com

#17 I Found A Vending Machine In Japan That Puts Your Face On Figurines. I Always Wanted To Be A Ninja

Image credits: Oldface

#18 Cat Hat Vending Machines In Japan

Image credits: examinexistence

#19 So, My College Has A Pizza Vending Machine Now

Image credits: CheesyAbortedFetus

#20 A Tasty Piece Of Salmon From This Salmon ATM In Singapore

Image credits: beatboxpoems

#21 My IT Department Has A Vending Machine For Computer Parts Which Charges The Cost To The Correct Department

Image credits: buckeyespud

#22 This At The Mall: Cassette Tape Vending Machine

Image credits: AngPisa

#23 Need This In Our Lives Asap

Image credits: thatfoodcray.com

#24 35-Cent Surprise Soda Machine

Image credits: Korbett89

#25 This Driverless Roving Sales Vehicle In China

Image credits: shanghaineko

#26 A Book Vending Machine I Found In Romania

Image credits: thelostdutchman

#27 My Town Has A Baguette Vending Machine

Image credits: SuperDidier

#28 Vending Machine At Work Made An Error And Distributed Everything All At Once

Image credits: rbards

#29 An Umbrella Vending Machine In Japan

Image credits: klaymarion

#30 A Vending Machine That Time Forgot

Image credits: DCGMechanics

#31 Best Candy Vending Machine Ever

Image credits: Pezandchucks

#32 My Computer Science University Has Vending Machines For Spare Parts

Image credits: Gammaknight008

#33 This Vending Machine In This Russian Mall Is For Buying Likes On Your Instagram Pics

Image credits: jakobamster

#34 My City Has An Egg Vending Machine

Image credits: freezeroffire

#35 A Meat Vending Machine Found In Rosenheim, Germany

Image credits: smagham

#36 This Vending Machine Sells Thongs

Image credits: relax_its_sarcasm

#37 This Marijuana Vending Machine In Vancouver BC

Image credits: BrokenArmsFrigidMom

#38 Japan Has Vending Machines For Nearly Everything

Image credits: all-nationz.com

#39 This Vending Machine Squeezes You Fresh Orange Juice

Image credits: PalNigManBro

#40 Here In Switzerland, We Have Vending Machines Just For Selling Cheese

Image credits: UrbexerZurich

#41 There’s A Vending Machine For Milk Freshly Filled In Glass Bottles At My Local Dairy Farm (Salisbury, UK)

Image credits: undercookedbroccoli

#42 This Vending Machine In Greece Filled With Seeds For Growing Herbs, Vegetables And Flowers

Image credits: JeremyMcFake

#43 This Vending Machine At My Office Sells Keyboards For $10

Image credits: ethrael237

#44 My Doctor's Office Has A Salad Vending Machine

Image credits: The_key_button

#45 A Salmon Vending Machine

Image credits: reallylu0wei

#46 Saw This Vending Machine At An Audio Recording Studio In LA. They Have All The Essentials

Image credits: dev27

#47 This Is A Pizza Vending Machine I Saw In Croatia. You Pick The Toppings And It Actually Bakes It For You Right There

Image credits: comptonasskim

#48 Vending Machine In Germany

Image credits: willsfc

#49 Found This Yarn / Crochet Hook Vending Machine At The Mall Today. Because You Never Know When You Might Need An Emergency Ball Of Yarn

Image credits: madamegazelles

#50 Orlando International Airport Has LEGO Set Vending Machines

Image credits: TRHess

#51 Vending Machine In A Small Iowa Town That Sells Steaks, Bacon, Meat Sticks Etc

Image credits: Senguier

#52 Hi Internet, This Is A Cupcake Vending Machine I Found Today In Chicago

Image credits: InRetrospeckt

#53 Awesome Vending Machine At The Local Hospital

Image credits: liveat60fps

#54 Skittles Vending Machine That Lets You Mix Your Own Ratio

Image credits: NeedMoneyForVagina

#55 Soccer Ball Vending Machine In South Africa

Image credits: thecoachtaylor

#56 Spare Part Vending Machines At IKEA

Image credits: incoghebrew

#57 Jacket Vending Machine In Airport

Image credits: r2-alu

#58 This Flower Vending Machine In Seoul, South Korea

Image credits: snoof123

#59 This Rest Stop Has A Vending Machine For Dogs

Image credits: homeskilet92

#60 My University Has A Vending Machine That Gives Free Coke If You Hug It

Image credits: mbryanne

#61 Just Saw This Giant Vending Machine In An Apartment Complex. It Has Everything

Image credits: LeeJWiley

#62 This Vending Machine Outside A Guitar Store Sells Strings And Picks

Image credits: tasty_rogue

#63 This Floppy Disk Vending Machine. The Future Is Here

Image credits: BaiteUisge

#64 This Flower Vending Machine In Taiwan

Image credits: shasamdoop

#65 Sriracha Vending Machine

Image credits: klaymarion

#66 A Vegetable Vending Machine Near My Hometown In The Netherlands

Image credits: rutgersmit

#67 A Vending Machine Inside A School

Image credits: Imakeyoulaughlongtime

#68 This Machine That Dispenses Short Stories

Image credits: DerekWhipple

#69 This Old Cigarette Machine At The Local Library Has Been Repurposed To Dispense Artwork

Image credits: testhec10ck

#70 Pizza Vending Machine Cooks Pizza For You In 3 Mins

Image credits: northcode

#71 This Vending Machine In Germany Sells WiFi Codes Valid For One Day

Image credits: mischaheuer

#72 A Vending Machine That Sells Camera Film

Image credits: mayonnaisexd_

#73 Bike Tube Vending Machine Seen In Luxembourg On One Of The Main Inter City Bike Paths

Image credits: fixbikes

#74 Covid-19 Test Vending Machine In Japan

Image credits: SamHennessy

#75 This Cheese Vending Machine In The Netherlands

Image credits: rinkbgood

#76 This Vending Machine Serves Slices Of Cake

Image credits: normie-redditer

#77 This Cologne Machine In The Men’s Room At A Truck Stop

Image credits: Yoogoy

#78 There Is A Worm Vending Machine At This Gas Station

Image credits: palmerry

#79 This Graveyard Has A Candle Vending Machine

Image credits: mathia53

#80 Saw This All-Mustard Vending Machine Yesterday

Image credits: sterereo

#81 This Vending Machine Only Sells Bananas

Image credits: GenericPie

#82 Mask And Disinfectant Vending Machine In Bucharest

Image credits: Robi_damian

#83 Vending Machine For Hair Extensions At The Mall

Image credits: MondongoOwl

#84 This Vending Machine At A Mall Near Me That Sells Masks, Hand Sanitizer, And Other Things Of The Sort

Image credits: speediskey1530

#85 This CVS Pharmacy Vending Machine

Image credits: Mr_Slugworth

#86 A Banana Vending Machine In An Underground Subway Station In Tokyo. The Trash Can To The Right Is For Only The Plastic Wrappers And Banana Peels

Image credits: shunyaoflaherty

#87 Plant Vending Machine, Seen At Clampham Station In London

Image credits: wooligano

#88 This Vending Machine With Protective Products In

Image credits: Kidzan

#89 A Seed Vending Machine In Vienna

Image credits: Palana

#90 For Whoever Who Wanted To See A Picture Of The Weed Vending Machine

Image credits: y39oB_

#91 This Seed Vending Machine At Crete Airport

Image credits: xfreemem

#92 Have You All Seen These Cool Vending Machines Popping Up By Farmers Fridge? I'm Loving The Options For Fresh Salads And Clean Protein

Image credits: the.lactation.dietitian

#93 There Exists A Vending Machine The Munich Train Station Just For Legos

Image credits: Coneskater

#94 This Vending Machine That Organizes Its Selections According To Health Recommendations

Image credits: cyberneticunicorns

#95 In Switzerland, You Can Buy Cheese 24/7 - From Vending Machines

Image credits: outofthebluest

#96 A Sausage Vending Machine. Welcome To Germany

Image credits: DanBale

#97 You Can Buy Cheese From A Vending 'Machine'/Wall When The Shop Is Closed At This Farm In The Netherlands

Image credits: vanderZwan

#98 My Son's School Has A Vending Machine For School Supplies. Great Idea

Image credits: and_the_cueball

#99 In France, To Reduce The Number Of Customers In Bakeries, We Now Have Baguette Vending Machines

Image credits: PraiseTheHighGround

#100 Bought Fresh Baguettes From A Vending Machine Today

Image credits: Miss-Maria

#101 This Laptop Vending Machine At The Local Library

Image credits: Mr_Slugworth

#102 A Vending Machine For Umbrellas

Image credits: Alioph

#103 Vending Machine For Live Fishing Bait. What A Time To Be Alive

Image credits: stewundies

#104 Welcome To Wisconsin: A Mustard Vending Machine

Image credits: CheapyPipe

#105 Singapore Has A Chilli Crab Vending Machine

Image credits: PinkLemonadezz

#106 University Library Vending Machine

Image credits: firthisaword

#107 Welcome To The Future. Coconut Vending Machines

Image credits: josieinchina

#108 Baguette Vending Machine. Spotted While Walking In France. Sadly, No Cheese And Wine Ones Close By, So We Carried On Walking

Image credits: GFanksMR

#109 A Vending Machine That Lets You Customize Your Skittles Mix

Image credits: Ninibugs

#110 Raw Honey Vending Machine?

Image credits: LaptopArmageddon