11 mommy + me outfits that don’t scream "matchy-matchy"

"Mommy and me" is one of those terms we never used before we had kids. Yet here we are with little mini-me's who want everything that we have (and wear, and use, and eat). While full-on mama & mini outfits are reserved for holiday portraits (hello family jammies), you can still twin in less obvious ways.

The littles are so proud when they're wearing something that mama has, be it matching manicures, earrings or shoes. They want to wear our makeup and even our hair accessories. Heck, our minis even want to do our yoga workouts—something we really can't complain about—especially if we're doing it with matching Chi yoga mats while doing a mommy and me yoga workout (we love Donna Scro Samori's family yoga sesh created for MYX Fitness).

Let's take in all the love while we can, because these littles won't want to be our twins forever. You can wear all of the matching outfits below when you're in a matchy-matchy mood—and even when you're not.

Pawnshop heart charm necklace and heart charm bracelet

Pawnshop Heart Charm Necklace

Give your mini, or not so mini, a piece of your heart to have with her at all times. This coordinating charm necklace and bracelet really says I love you, so whether she's out with friends or away at school, she knows the love is real. And you both get a great piece of jewelry!

Pair Eyewear adults and kids frames + tops

Pair Eyewear

Here's the deal: You pick a pair of amazing eyeglass frames for yourself and your kiddo, then you add matching tops to change up the looks. You can each try out tie-dye, bold colors and sunglasses or go for themes like Harry Potter and Sesame Street. You've got a mini-match for every day of the week.

Andie Swimwear the Amalfi suit

Andie the Amalfi swimsuit

Mommy and Me swimsuits are an easy match for swim season. It's all about picking a matching color or print. Andie's cherry red is a win for all skin tones, especially in this matte, eco-friendly fabric. We love the mom and mini version equally— and even when she outgrows hers, we'll still wear ours.

Chi Universe yoga mat and card game

Chi Universe yoga mat and card game

Yoga is definitely something we do together, so let's make it more fun with matching mats. The Chi mats come in kids, tween and adult sizes in blue and pink. Each mat has symbols to guide everyone into proper positions. The best part is the card game that turns mommy & me yoga into a game, since after all, the kids are all about the fun!

Happy Socks Mini Me Confetti Palm socks

Not only do your kids win on crazy sock day at school, but you get cute socks, too. These organic, colorful socks are an easy gift for any mama and their mini, boy or girl.

Makeup case + mini makeup bags

Makeup case + mini makeup bags

Your mini is dying to get into your makeup, and although she's likely too young for the products, she's not too young for the case. Iridescent cases make for a perfect match-up. Moms' deluxe train case has pockets and compartments for all the goods, and looks cute on the bathroom counter or on the road. The mini versions, two smaller clutches, have space for lip balms and scrunchies (which mom can wear, too), or could double as a pencil case.

Blowfish Maddox tie-dye sneaker

Blowfish Maddox tie-dye sneaker

They're tie-dye and slip-on, enough said! Blowfish makes all the best summer sneakers, so let's get something comfy for you, mom, and your mini. The Babydoll Tie Dye is an easy-to-wear neutral with all the cool summer colors whether they're for wearing to the beach, the pool or summer camp.

Rowan Seeing Stars earring set

Rowan Seeing Stars earring set

This is the perfect little match-up, perhaps even for your child's "first" earrings. Rowan's hypoallergenic earrings, in gold vermeil, have a star stud for your little and a star threader for you. If you're looking to get your kids' ears pierced (or you'd like another piercing), you can visit their NYC studio or select Target stores. You can even book at-home piercing appointments in select locations.

Skechers X JGoldcrown Trust Love slides

Skechers X JGoldcrown Trust Love slides

The perfect wear-at-home and wear-out shoe for you both is also super comfy and totally practical. Skechers' JGoldcrown Slides are made with a luxe foam, cushioned footbed and velcro around the foot for full adjustability. The iconic #Lovewall print is sure to be a hit for young girls and their moms.

Boden Betsy midi dress and Vintage dress

Boden Betsy midi dress

Nothing says summer more than mommy and me dresses in colorful, floral prints. This charming, classic dress and its for-kids counterpart will help you nail family photos and look totally put together for much needed Memorial Day/Labor Day family getaways.

Digz gardening gloves for adults and youth

Digz gardening gloves

The best way to get kids off their screens? Planting! With these fun gardening gloves that you can coordinate with youth sizes, they'll want to be just like you— whether that means planting herbs for the season or adding a new butterfly bush to the garden.