105 Photos That Prove South Korea Is Unlike Any Other Country

If I asked you to picture an exotic country, you'd probably go with something like Australia or Japan. But after this exclusive list by Bored Panda, you'll probably consider South Korea as one too.

To show how unique this country really is, we put together a collection of photos that vividly illustrate its everyday life. We're talking solar-powered benches with USB and wireless charging, onion-flavored cereal, and pretty much everything else you can find there.

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#1 Apartment Complex In Korea Being Painted, So The Painters Shrouded All The Cars In The Parking Lot To Protect From Splatter

Image credits: lonelady75

#2 Escalator Sanitizer In South Korea

Image credits: HumanityFirstUBI

#3 Onion Flavored Cereal, Found In Korea

Image credits: BlueMeanie03

#4 Solar Powered Benches Here In Seoul, South Korea. Complete With USB And Wireless Charging Docks

Image credits: macgilla

#5 Cakes Sold In South Korea Usually Come With Free Candles And Matches Hidden In The Plastic Cake Knife

Image credits: sptjasd

#6 I'm Staying In Korea Right Now And Apparently There Is A TV Channel Dedicated To Dogs, As In Programming For Dogs

Image credits: tlease181

#7 I Found A Bar Where You Can Do Indoor Fishing In South Korea

Image credits: imgur.com

#8 Automatic Ramen Dispenser In Korea

Image credits: ggbuttstead

#9 Self Cleaning Roads In South Korea

Image credits: reddit.com

#10 Korean Ktx Trains Play “Healing Broadcasts” Where They Just Show Newborn Puppies Rolling Around For Five Minutes

Image credits: TheBigSmol

#11 Well, That's One Way To Encourage People To Use The Stairs

Image credits: jlstrout

#12 This Subway Car In Seoul Has A Mini Library

Image credits: YamhillScrub

#13 Perfect. I Always Wish I Could Brush My Teeth With Fire Noodle Sauce (It's A Chili Toothpaste)

Image credits: CoreyLee04

#14 South Korea Isn't Joking When Battling Covid-19

Image credits: koryodynasty

#15 This Sign Is Not For A Cat Crossing. It Means "Caution: Cat Is Around"

Image credits: constructional_HK

#16 South Korea Puts Traffic Lights On The Ground So That People Who're Looking At Their Phones Can Still See The Light

Image credits: YuptheGup

#17 I Love Korea And The Regular Updates On How Close The Toilet Is. I Need My Updates Every 3 Meters Or So

Image credits: deokbokkitime

#18 These And Pickles (Usually) Come With Pizza In Korea

Image credits: Vlaed

#19 This Hand-Painted Underside Of A Temple Roof In Korea

Image credits: wittynamehero

#20 If You Happen To Park Near A Construction Site You Would Probably Find Your Car Wrapped Like This To Not Get All Dusty And Dirty

Image credits: Seoulite

#21 This Is Korean Ice Cream. You Just Squeeze It Out From The Bottom Up

Image credits: FrankFunt

#22 In Korea, They Have Single Person Karaoke Booths On The Train

Image credits: MapleQueefs

#23 In S. Korea: An Unmanned, Self Service Drink Stand Where You Just Put Money In The Teapot And Take Your Drink Of Choice

Image credits: SmoothConfidence

#24 Supermarkets In Korea Offer Toilet Paper Samples For You To Test

Image credits: ash286

#25 This Helium Balloon Vending Machine In Korea

Image credits: Luves2spooge

#26 South Korea Now Has Walk-Through Covid-19 Test Booths

Image credits: alreadytakenusername

#27 Dining In A Toilet Themed Cafe, Seoul, South Korea

Image credits: Sharktopus_

#28 In Some Asian Countries (Korea) The 4th Floor Button In The Elevator Is 'F' Because It 4 Sounds Same As 'Death'. When I Go Home I Always Have To Pay Respect

Image credits: blending-tea

#29 Foil Tea Bag, Not With Paper Tea Bag In Korea

Image credits: errathingistaken

#30 This 2D Café We Visited In Seoul

Image credits: aasquared3

#31 The Wavy Building Called The GT Tower In Seoul, South Korea

Image credits: simonlachapelle

#32 "Root Bench" Is A Public Installation By Architect Yong Ju Lee In Hangang Art Park, South Korea

Image credits: Yong Ju Lee

#33 Bongeun Temple At Night

Image credits: blueashell

#34 I Get To Walk Through This Everyday On My Way Home From Work

Image credits: ilmioviaggioaseoul

#35 In Korea, They Serve Thick Slabs Of Butter With Red Bean On Bread As A Popular Snack Called “Ang Butter”

Image credits: chickens29

#36 Korea Has Sock Vending Machines

Image credits: sharkp00p

#37 This Ice Lolly I Bought In Korea Has A Little Tray To Prevent It From Melting All Over Your Hands

Image credits: R3damnTion

#38 This Immigration Office In Korea Has Glasses You Can Borrow For Filling Out Forms

Image credits: afyam

#39 A Starbucks In South Korea

Image credits: denalismelll

#40 I Found This In A Restaurant In South Korea. It Is Mouth Wash

Image credits: stupid_panda

#41 Saw A Fat Iron Man At A Street Shop In South Korea

Image credits: beastboy111

#42 This Flower Vending Machine In Seoul, South Korea

Image credits: snoof123

#43 This Latte Art From A Cafe In Seoul, South Korea

Image credits: cantwaittillcollege

#44 They Have A Sauron’s Tower In Seoul

Image credits: 1205asdfQWER

#45 The Bananas We Got With Our Delivered Groceries Here In South Korea Came With Little Stickers To Put On Them

Image credits: bkral93

#46 In Korea You Can Buy A Gift Set Of Spam And Canola Oil

Image credits: lurkeroutofhiding

#47 Cherry Blossom Themed Coca Cola Bottles In South Korea

Image credits: Sharktopus_

#48 Every Half Kilometer They Have A Resting Place Made For Pedestrians In This Korean City Ansan

Image credits: 1way2pray

#49 This Bollard In Daejeon, South Korea Is Squishy

Image credits: ShootEly

#50 Chips Organized Into A Rainbow In Korea

Image credits: MaximumK

#51 A Woman Only Parking Spot In Korea

Image credits: nodecentric

#52 Coffee Coke In S. Korea

Image credits: gquante64

#53 This Library In Seoul, South Korea

Image credits: twig973

#54 In Korea They Have Air Hoses At Parks To Blow The Dust Off Your Shoes When You Leave

Image credits: gravitywind1012

#55 Daegaksa Temple Near Jongmyo Shrine In Seoul

Image credits: ajnova24

#56 Colorful Memories From The Bongeunsa Temple In Seoul

Image credits: matthallmann

#57 Pink Explosion In Jeju City, Jeju Island, South Korea

Image credits: HellsJuggernaut

#58 Running Out Of Children Due To The Low Birth Rates, A School In South Korea Is Opening Their Doors And Allowing Illiterate Grandmothers To Enrol, So They Can Also Learn To Read

Image credits: nytchangster

#59 It’s Not A Stuck Cruise Ship. The Floating Cruise Ship Is Actually A Specialty Resort Hotel In South Korea

Image credits: parhessiastes

#60 Delivery Guy In South Korea

Image credits: doubtitall

#61 Limited Edition "Frozen 2" Tickets In South Korea

Image credits: heypodong

#62 This Is Simply The Prettiest Library That I’ve Been To. It Was Beyond Words. Starfield Library In Seoul, South Korea

Image credits: anniepwanderlust

#63 This Care Package The South Korean Government Sent Me While I’m In Quarantine Day 2

Translated letter that was attached to the package: “For people who are currently suffering from the Corona-19 virus, we send our regards and sympathy. We (the food ministry?) is sending this “environment-friendly health package” constructed with environment-friendly crops. We hope this helps you get energy for your daily routine. Furthermore, we hope you get well soon to return to your daily life. You can do it! Fight it! Go South Korea!”

Image credits: Uvzxkwq

#64 "1,000 Doors" Building In South Korea

Image credits: Choi Jeong-Hwa

#65 These Helpful Robots That Wander Incheon Airport, Seoul, That You Can Use To Check Flight Information

Image credits: stirredturd

#66 Hyundai Dealership In Cheongdam, Seoul

Image credits: the_random_korean

#67 Starbucks In Seoul Offering Used Coffee Grounds For Gardening

Image credits: danzon2

#68 Airports In Seoul Provide A Map To Your Gate On The Back Of Your Boarding Pass

Image credits: mikecrazy7

#69 This Here Is The Entrance Of The Club Chroma In Seoul, South Korea By MVRDV Architecture, Which Is Said To Be The Largest Nightclub In The World

Image credits: colinsurprenant

#70 Modern Korea Built Around Historic Korea (Seoul)

Image credits: wombatwizdom

#71 Seoul To Busan For 40 Bucks While Almost Laying Down? With Chargers, Table, And Foot Sitter? Ya Why The Hell Not

Image credits: Jaych1990

#72 Found Totoro On The Side Of The Road

Image credits: dh_98

#73 Supercharger V3 In Guro, Seoul. One Of The Latest Supercharger Installed In South Korea

There are tons of m3s and mYs in Korea, not just in Seoul. Model 3 was the most sold imported sedan in 2020 March, and Model Y was the most sold imported CUV in 2021 May.

Image credits: kycfeel

#74 I Moved To Korea A While Ago. While Driving This Weekend I Saw A Sign For This: Welcome To Queen Seondeok's Tomb

Image credits: Scootervon

#75 Glad To See My Favorite Tree Standing Healthy After This Year's Numerous Typhoons And Landslides, South Korea

Image credits: NathanielMerz

#76 Took These In The Same Spot Over The Past Year. Korea’s Four Seasons: Yeouido

Image credits: Warsaw94

#77 Just Another Casual Lunch In Seokcho

Image credits: GoBeeeeeeeevs

#78 Just Received This At My Door! S. Korea Gives Out Food Rations To People In Quarantine

Image credits: Warsaw94

#79 This “Sandwich” My Co-Worker Ordered For Me For Lunch Today

There are some good independently run bakeries in Korea and many more good desert shops where the chefs are Korean. Bread and baking are just not part of Korean culinary history so you can’t really expect it to be widespread, but some are learning the craft, and doing it well.

Image credits: WindowLooker

#80 Movie Theater In Korea Have Two Strawholes On Their Lids

Image credits: hollakris

#81 Korea's Coffee Milk Comes In These Pyramid Bag Thingies

Image credits: sharkp00p

#82 Chupa Chups Drink In Korea

Image credits: Dwagonzzz

#83 My Sausage Here In Korea Comes With Pictures And Words Of Encouragement Written On It

Image credits: darkrealm190

#84 This Staircase At Seomun Market (Daegu, South Korea) Tries To Depict How Many Calories You've Burned And How Many Seconds You've Added To Your Life

Image credits: -ipaguy-

#85 Korea Has A Drink With A Real Four Leaf Clover In It Called The Oat Green Tea Latte

Image credits: Sciphio

#86 Korea Air Has Stickers To Signal The Cabin Crew What To Do When You're Sleeping In Flight

Image credits: RepostStat

#87 Krispy Kreme In Korea Where They Sell Milk Flavored Ice Cream Cone With A Drip Cover

Image credits: paqmaster

#88 Snowy New Year In Daejeon

Image credits: RemarkableDunk

#89 My Relative Just Entered Self-Quarantine And The District Government Sent This Free Of Charge

Image credits: rokarmedforces

#90 Traditional Korean Architecture

Image credits: seoulchasing

#91 This Is A Door To A Bar In Daegu, South Korea

Image credits: vestegaard

#92 Pump Toothpaste In South Korea. One Pump Is The Perfect Amount For A Toothbrush

Image credits: pheonixlgnd

#93 Just Another Casual Lunch In Daejeon

Image credits: SimpleAsk8

#94 Bukhansan Yesterday

Image credits: Evan7117

#95 An Old Pine Tree, Daedunsan, South Korea

Image credits: NathanielMerz

#96 The Building Across From My Seoul, Korea Quarantine Hotel Looks Like A Zipper

Image credits: SaltyDogBill

#97 This Parking Lot In Seoul

Image credits: Wooshmeister55

#98 These Grooved And Bumpy Tiles Are For The Blind To Follow In Seoul’s Subway Stations

Image credits: lovettjustin

#99 Dongguk University, Seoul Campus, In The Month Of Buddha’s Birthday

Image credits: jbl7577

#100 Small Restaurant In The Snow, Seoul, South Korea

Image credits: pillter_

#101 Korea Is So Beautiful

Image credits: chen_lu

#102 My Apartment In Korea Hooked All The Trees To IVs Instead Of Installing Sprinklers

Image credits: plantsandplants

#103 Boxes To Leave Pets At Supermarket Entrance In South Korea

Image credits: goofb4ll

#104 Monsoon Season

Image credits: cameron_chafin

#105 I Found A Pog In A Pack Of Cheetos Here In Korea

Image credits: Matt872000